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-A largo and appreciativo audience atfcended the concert give by tho Mondelssohn Quintette club. - The law departuient renently passed ro6olutions of thanks to JudgeUheever for his able address on "Washington's I birthday. - Thé commencement exercises of the Senior claas in Dentistry occurs the same day as the Law commenoement, March 25th. - The University Troubadours will givo an entertainment under their auspicos two weeks frora to-night for the benefit of the athletic association. - The committeo of the athletic association consists of tho following gentlomen : H. W. Aehley, F. 8. Bell, E. H. Bowman and C. S. Mitchell, chairman. - Henry Whiting; one of the ooali:ion nouiinees for Eee-ent, held that tion from 1858 to 1863. Theothernominee, Georgo P. Sandford, graduated iu 1861. - On Maroh 15th, Prof. David A. Swing of Chicago, will close the coursa for this year, with a lectura on Cicero. Taken as a whole tho association has made a fmaucial success of the course, - At a recent meeting of the first year class resolutions of respect wero passed on tho doath of their class mato, Walter Massey. The fraternity of which he waa a member, are also ruourning his death. -Prof. S. S. Hamill of Chicago, has been fn tho city for the last fow days organizing classes for instruction in elocution among students of the University. He comes with the best of referencee, and has already about 100 pupila. - Committeea have been appointed for each department of the University to solicit raembership to the athletic nseociati&n. Senior law class- G. F. IWs, B. F. Wade. Junior class- C. H. Buffot, "W. L. McKay. Cominittees are now canvassing the other dflpartments. - Tho University Glee Club aro going to give an excursie n to Toledo to-morrow week, Maroh 15th, in connoction with the concert they propose giving there that evening. There will be a special train run to suit the conveuienco of all. As the price is put down to the very low figure of one dollar for the round trip, including admission, we prediot a large turn out. Excursionista will havo plenty of time to seo the oity beforo tho concert. - A correspondent of the Frce Press writing from Bloomington Ind., spoaks thus of President Angell's recent lecI tures at the Indiana state university, on the subject of international law : " His lectures were models of clear analysis, lucid arrangement, and attractivodelivery. Besides the advantages to us of the instruction and intellectual quickening received from Presidenta Angell's visit, the opportunity of personal I courso witti him on the part of the faoulty and students has been a source of genuine pleasure."


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