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March Session Of The Board Of Supervisors

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bupervisors mot Tuesday at 11 A. St. and adjournod to 3:30 r. m., to aocom[ modate such members as wished to attend Republican County Con vontion. Mr. Gase from Court Houso committee made the following report : To the Soa. Board of Supervisors e f Washtenaw County: Your committee os tbs eourt house would respoctfully report, that agreeable to your rosolution wo socured tho services of two exporta, David Edwards of Detroit and Chas. J. Gardner of Ann Arbor; and after oxamining the contract and 8pocificatious proceedod to examine tho building. This we did thoroughly and found the material üsed nnd work done and being rlone according to agroement with a few exceptions. These the contractors expressed a willingness to correct and havo done so. We find at our firet meetine that thore was a misunderstanding between the contractors and the building oommittee in regard to seating court room and finishing of third story. After consulting with Mr. McOormiek one of the contractors who was present he finally agrced to furnish the soatg and finish the third story whieh ho has done in a satisfactory rnanner. We also found many [ things to be done about the building necessary for its completion not under contract, which we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility of doing hoping that it will meet with your approval. By tho contract the lower story was to be furnished with inside iron shutters. Thoae wo decided were useless for the purpose for whioh they wero iutended (protection from fire) and that wooden blinda would be much bettor and moro convonient; and as the second story windows needed shades of soine sort wo concluded as a matter of taste and economy to furnish the windows of both first and second storios with insido wooden blinds similar to those in tho court room, and have lot contract to Lmck Bro. of Ann Arbor at $13 an opening. The contractors allowed us $150 for the irou shutters. A water closet was also nocessary and we have lat tho contract to MoPherson to construct one. We have also finished off one more room in the basement for the accommodation of the Janitor. We hare caused to be oonstructed a platform in the Supervisors room for the chairinan and clerk. Also, one in the court room for the judge and clerk, and have covered theiloor where nocessary with matting and carppt. And have also carpeted the Judge and Probate Judge's rooms, both in tho first and second stones, to be thoroughly oiled, belioving it would add greatly to their cleanliness tn.i uuiuuuity. Your committee would respectfully recommend furnishing the rooma in tho basement, believmg that tho rent of them would soon repay the outlay, and they would beoomo a souroe of revenuo to the county. Also, that somo iron grated doors be put up at the entrance to the basement under the pórticos. All of which is respectfully submitted CHAELES WHITAKEE, W. IEVING YECKLEY MOETON F. CAEE, Committee. Committee on "Hoating the Court Houso " made a lengthy report. In is that thero were in the hands of the building committee two plans unaccompanied by detail. Committee mmA, rl, K„al,t tl,o matojal „d done tho work by the day. Got best material at lowest ratos. It orno Deo. 20, ftnd work was immediately begun andcontinued notwithstauding the cold weather. EXPENSES. Steam heatin? apparatua, $3 703 03 BoÜPr room, &c, - . 229 05 Committee - Clark Cornwell, . . 5500 J. J. Kobinson, ... 2105 Chas. Whitakor, . . 15 30 Committeo appointed to investígate ex-county Treasurer Gensley's books is oomposed of the comtnittee to settle with county officers, with chairraan Wheeler added. Aa oxport was added j if deemod necessary. Considerable miscellaneous business :onsisting of itemized bilis for expenses ibout the court house was dono on iVednesday. The Board will adjourn irobably ou SiUurday.


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