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- Olías. I'. Austin ran oti Deniocratic ticket for President of village of Albion - Eira Curtis of Jonesville paid $25 for the privilege of keoping hia saloon open on Sunday. - 5th annual meeting of Stato Cider makers' Association willbe held in Jackson, Elarch 20 -&7. - Major Graves and two Bons, late of Albion, have sofar, winterod 1,500 sheop on the gouth lino of Colorado. - A judgo of Probate for Galheun County will be oleoted in April. The Board of Supervisors have ordorod an election. -The advoutista of Battle Creek began holding meetings in thoir new and as yet undedioated tabernacle on Sunday of this woelt. - O. A. Loomis of Adrián and F. Á. Herrick of Pontiac have a contract for building twonty-five miles of railroad near Leadville, Col. - Energetic Henry Willis of Battlo Creek, is working nigh t and day to créate public sentiment in favor of establishing a state industrial school for girlo. - Eugene 8. Peck attempted to buy a farm in Ingham county with a raised draft and brought up in Jackson county ail. $G to $6,000 is quito a "raise." -Chas. Wadoll, of Albion, a printer by trade, has been sentonced tothe house of correction for 75 days upon conviotion of assaultinor and. htteringhis wife - When last heard from Morrison, tha defaulting treasurer of I. O. Ö. F. of tais state, who escaped from officers, was in Kendalville, Ind., bidding defiance to Michigan officials. - F. H. Hubbard of Monroe dealer in groeenes and provisions, made an assignment for the benefit of his creditora, Dr. A. I. Sawyer being his assignee.- His Habilities are not yet known. - H. N. Mather of the Michigan Sun will receive the sympathy of the fraternity of tho state over the affliotion that has befallen him by the loss of his wife who dicd in Detroit, on "Wednosday of last week, of consuraption. ■-The Second Congrogational church of Detroit, upon which there are mortgages amounting to about $40,000, is abandoned. The building cost about $140,000, and singular to relate every one of the original trustoes have become bankrupt. -O. F. Eichmond, late station ao-ont of the Lake Shore& Michigan Southern raiïroad at Jonesville, who was arrestod some time since on a chage of embezzling funds, was brought before a justice of the peace ftgain and held to bail to appear for examination. - Tho Monroe court house, one of the best and most iraposing struotures of its kind in the state built in the Grecian style of architecture and cost in 1840, $40,000, br.rned on Thursday night of last week. All records saved. Insurance $10,000. Fire originatod in a fluc. - A handsome new postal car is being constructed at the car shops in Adrián for the Lake Shoro & Michigan Southern railroad, to take the placo of the " Gov. Andrews," which was destroyed by firo on New Year'. The car issixty feet in length, and its interior is much like the "Gov. Croswell," which was recently constructed. When finished tho new car will run between New York and Chicago and will cost betweon $3,000 and $4,000.


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