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The Census bilí, as it passed the House, provides that the enumeration Bhall commence on the ñrst Monday in June, and returns shall be íorwarded to the Bupervisors on or before the lst of July, 1880, and in any city having over 10,000 inhabitants the enumeration shall be taken within two weeks f rom the first Monday in June. The President, by and with the conKent of the Seuate, is to have the appointment of supervisors of the censuB, whose number is limited to 150, and who are to receive a compensaron of $500each. The sum of ."!,- 000.000 ($250,000 of which is hereby appropriated) is limited as the maximum coat of the census. lu anewer to the letter of Itepresentative Wood afiking to be informed as to the cash balance in the Treasury on the 15th inst., how mucli of the amount in held for resumption purposes, and how rauch for other purposea; also how much in coin, United Statea notes and other available cash resources, Becretary Sherman aays: 4"l liave to inform you that, f rom the latest returns received, there waa in tho general assets of the Treasury upon the date mentioned, of gold coin and bullion $133,377,271, of silver coin and bullion . Ü5,438, in all $168,942,709. After deducting the amount of current liabilities from the umountof entire assets, the balance available for icaumption at the same date was $136,467,264, but no separate designation of particular moneyH for thin purpose has been kept, nor has it yet been detcrmined whether the resumption fúnd can bc considered as moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated." Charles W. Angelí, the defaulting secretary of the Pullman Palace Car Company, pleaded tiiiilty Thursday morning Ín the Criminal Cpurt, of the two indictments against him for 1 irceny, as bailee and embezzlement, and was Houteneed by J udge Williams to ten years i ii the penitentiair?, the f uil extent of thfi law. Ho made no remar ks, manifested no emotion, anti simply bowed as the sentence was named. Judge Williams, in reviewing the, spoke of the high social jiosition occupied by Angelí, the enormity ot the oiïense, and the confidence reposed in him by the company, and expressed the belief that the full penalty at least was deserved. A coal oil lamp explosión occurred Thursday evening in a Iiourc in Baltimore, occupied liV Mrn. Sharp, her danghter Clara Sharp, the tatter'a sou Harry and a man named Thoa .i-nicfi, all eolored. Clara Sharp and her son wei-e burned to deoth and the other two severely injured. The building was destroyed. Ferry'w livery Rtablc in New York City bunicd Thurflilay morning with a number ol ;iirri;tgCH and 43 horses, some valuable. Loss about i!l00,0()0. Captain Sawyer and wife and three seamen of tbe schouner David II. Hoick, ashore at Jïmngat, were drowned in the storni WedncHday night. Geneva Bawyer, danghter of the captain, mgeá two years, tho first and secoud mates and threc seamen vvere Raved, BothhoïiRes of the Minnesota Legislature have passed a bilí reducing the legal rute of interett from 12 to 10 per cent. The Ohio State Hepublican Central Oorcmittee lias deeided to hold the next átate Oon1 1 iifcinn ;.t, Cincinnati, May Ü8. Deputy United States Marshal Roe has arrested at Pekín and Peoría some fíf ty portons undcr indictmcnt at Spriugtield for complxoity n the whisky frauds. Some of them are the D.ost prominent and wealthiesfc citizens. No ircurrence lias produced BO mueh excHement n tuut aeotiun for years. üne of the ohief vitnesst's is said to be a disinheritcd hou of John C. Mclntyre, theheaviest distiüer in that nection. Theannual report of the Chicago Board of Frade shows for 1878 a larger amount of busi16SB done than during 1877, but tho amount )i' values exchanged lesa, owing to the d(SIT6U6 in values, lieccipts of grain, one hunired and thirty-four miilion bushels, forty n i Ilion more than the preceding year; six miilion, four hundred and forty-two thouaand iojís were received. The value of farm produets shipped was two hundred and seven miilion dollars. The value of eattle,hoge, etc, received at the stock yards, one hundred milion dollars. At a barn raising near Liberty, Ind., Thursday, two men were instantly killed by the :rame of the barn falling upon them. The woolen milis at York, N. H., which have ?een idle six months, will resume busineRs immediately. A fire at Paoli, Ind., Friday, destroyed property to the amount of forty thousand dollars. Sina.ll iusurance. TheSecretary of theTreaeury has instructed Collector Beard at Boston to forbid the landng of neat cattle from England, pleuro-pneunonia having broken out at Huil. The public debt was increased $311,411 during the month of February. A Fort Worth special, dated March 1 says: The outgoing Yuma stage was again stopped nside the city limits, the only passenger robbod, the mail bags rified and valuable letters carried off. Wm. Power, letter carrier in the business aart of Ht. Louis, stole a registered letter cuniaining f 39 last December. He was arrested 5aturday morning, confessed the crime, taken jefore the United States District Court, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to three yeais in the penitentiary, all within two hours. There was an all-day session of the U. S. áeuate on Sunday. The President vetoed the anti-Chinese bill, placing his veto on constitutional grounds. All indications now point in the direction o L au assignmeut by Arehbishop Purcell for Ihc benefit of his creditors. Ten suits were filed igainst him and hia brother, Father lidward t'urcell, for amounts aggregating some $83,000. These will probably be followed by numerous others, and it is thought this action on the jart of creditors will compel an assignment. CaDt. Boyton who is swimniing down the Ohio aftel raany narrow escapes from being crushed between fields of ice, reached Marietta kEond&y forenoon and continued his journey Cuesdny. A fire at Reno, Nevada, Sunday morning, destroyed about f1,000,800 worth of property and resulted in the death of five persons and ihe injury of many others. An extra session of Congress has been called for Maren 18. The Vanderbilt will contest has come to an abrupt conclusión. It is well known, thongh lot acknowledged, that the termination was jrought about by a compromise which invol ved also the pending suit of Cornelius Vanderbuilt against W. H. Vanderbilt. Cornelius J. Vanderbilt is to receive $1,000,000 and his expenses in the suit in the Supremo Court, aud Mrs. Leban, now Mrs. Barger, a like imount and costs; and the will of the late Commodore Vanderbilt is to remain unconsted. It is understood that all the other ïeirs have been satisfied, and the numerous ndividual beneficiarles by memoranda left by ,he testator with Wm. H, Vanderbilt will receive their full claims.


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