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Feb. 25. - Both Houscs met last evenïng pur suant to adjounimeiit, but transacted no business oL iraportance. To-day the Senate passed the following: House bill 185, to amend the cnartor of Aibion; House manuscript bill, to Legalize the aasessment roll of the township of Nunda, Cheboygau county; Benate bill 48, to amend the charter of Yassar; Benate bill 51, to repeal the law prohibiting the use of coal oil on passenger cars; Benate bil! 52, to amend sectioa 3502, Compiled, relativo to regents' expenses; House manuscript bill 237, to extend the time for collecting taxes in Detroit; Senate bill incorpórate Colmnbiaville; Senate joint resolution No. 5, for the improvement of the harbor of Baugatuck ; Bésate joint resolution No. 6, relative to proceedings in federal courts against municipal corporations; öenate joint resolution No. 7, in favor of eqttftltung tlie bounties of soldiers The House passed the following bilis on third roading: House bill 78, incorporatie Rookfoid; House bill 06, inoorporating 3oAndinavian societïes; House bill 6Í). amemling section 1984, Compiled Laws, relating to the observance of the fint day of the week; House bill 90, organizing union school district in Chesaning. Feb. 27. - In the Benate the following were pamed: To extend the time f or collection of taxea in Kcorse, Grosse Point, Hamtrainck aud Crockery; House manuscript bill 521. relative to the official advertising in the city of Detroit; Benate bill reincorporating the village of Lawrence. The House passed the following: Beuate manuscript bill, to chango the time of the fiscal year of Detroit and to próvido mcans of carrying on the expenses during the interim; Senate bill 82, incorporating Uuion Bchool Dis taict of Chesaniag; House manuscript bill, in(orporating Galien; House manuscript bill, U riiafisess certain draintaxes in Berrien county; House bill 84, authorizing Saginaw City to borro w money to buiki a f ree bridge; House manuscript bill, reincorporating Constantino. lVb. 20. - Üwing to the Btate Convention be infi held in the city, both Houscs adjournetl af ter a short morning session. The Senate possed a bill incorporatiug Galiei, and the House passed three bilis, us follows: to incorpórate tlie villaje of Hebewaing; to amend the bill relative to pay of oflicers and Inspectora in State Prison; to ebange the name of the rlllage of Oobleville to Atlanti. Match :?.- Iu the Senate the following billa were reported favorably : Tu aniend the act lor the formation of yachting, hnnting and llshiug corporations; to amend the charters ui Constantine and Vandalia; tu inoorporate the rillage uf Öebewains; to constitute the village of lthaca an election district. In the House the following bilis were paascd, none ef which have vet passed the Senate: ïo amend section 1246 compiled laws lelating to the letting of contracta for repair; makin líenton Harbor Ship Canal a public highway ; to amend the charter of Decatur. The bill appropriating $17,500 a year t the ötato Normal Sohool, and the bill for protection of inn kcopers were tabled.


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