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Democratic State Convention

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The Democratie State Convention met at the Opera House in Lansing Friday and was called to order shortlj af ter 2 o'clock by Alex. M. Copland, chairinan of the Stilte Central ('oinmittee. The Hon. Wm. L. Webber, of East Saginaw was chosen temporary ehairman and J. W. Burleigh, of Any Arbor, temporary seeretary. Then were subsequently made permanent oilicers of the convention. After Uw report of the committee on credentials, a eommittee of nine, one froin each Congressional District, was chosen to oonfer with a like committee and report a unión nomination for a State ticket. The following were selected as snch committee: Firat District - William Foxen, Wayne. 8econd District - Ira B. Gard, Millsdale. Third District - A. J. Goodyear, Barry. Fourth District - Foster Pratt, Kalamazoo. ü'iltü iJistrict- U. Uüase Uoodwin, Hent. Sixth District - Geo. P. Sanford, Ingham. Seventh District- O. B.J. Atkinson, St.Clair. Eighth District- C.A.E. Wheadock, Saginaw. Ninth District - T. D Broadfield. Ontonagon. The convention then took a recess for an liour. The convention reassembled at the time designated, but little business was transacted except the election of the Hou. O. M. Barnes, of Lansing, chairïnan of the State Central Committee. Af ter some general discussion, the convention took a second recess till evening. On reasseinbling in the evening, the conference committed reported the ticket and platform given below. A motion to adopt the report and concnr in the ticket and platform led to a prolonged and animated discussion. Bradley M. Thompson offered an ai nendment that all paper money issued shall be convertible into coin at the will of the liolder. This amendment was supported by F. A. Baker, of Wayne, and others and opposed by Willard Stearns, and others, but was finally lost y a vote of 140 to 175. After considerable confusión the financia! resolution in the platform was adopted by the vote of 188 to 120. William A. Moore moved to substitute the name of Wm. Newton, of Flint, for Henry Whiting, of St. Clair, as Regent, but the motion was lost. Foster Pratt read a minority report of the committee on conference, signed by himself and Bradlield, which took the ground that the platform which was reported is objectionable for the following reasons : First, it is not ger mane to the issues involyed in the pending election ; second, it includes ünancial doctrines and policies which, in the opinión of the minority of your committee, are neither right nor wise. After further debate the majority report of the conference committee was adopted, and the convention adjourned.


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