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Miscellany: Utility Of Water

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The following short and pilliy article on llie Water-Cure has crept into the Sf. Louis Magnet which we are pleased to copy entire. ■ Dr. McNair : - Herc is a ca?e of ITydropnthy detailed (br publication - not to fced the vanity of any one, hut to benefit the alllicted. Al! the f mets liere slated can bc substantiated by the most undoubtcd tèstirhohy, it'anv are not satisfied with a mere recital of the facts as they transpired. Pir. TT - : - . of ibis place, was atfacked on the 13lh of May last, with Sciatica in the lefthip. Diiririg ten days he sü ed the most é.xcruciating pain froni vrhièh he could get no relief, dny or night - being wholly unable to stand or walk, lie down or get up without', help. Th.roout all this time, tho most approved remedies rcsorted to, but all (o no purpose. No relief camp, and the disense grew worse. At length, when popular cures hád proyèd ta bc no cures at all, he ventured to try thecoLn vÁfB, cujiB; The first {hing done was to etfvelópethe patiënt in a wet sheet, (riglit out of colB water,) plucing him in hed. untler o'.lier covering. Here lic remajrïed abo.ut two hours nnd a half, drinking freqnriiily srnall dfaughts of cold water. In an a half he was iñ a cópious-përspiration-llio piin hnd nicnsnrably subrnd thëpatrent vfts ündcr öö xcitompnt. Alter sweating Öné boot hv vn.s removed, though reliictftntly - it !oing the first timede had bèen-comfortdWè fór rnany days - and the hoverbnlh was nppliedaccompnnied with much friclinn. The next morningthe treatment wns similar when the pain ceaseri, the cure was efTected, and from that day to this the patiënt has contiriüed to be er.tirely well. ]n tl) ree days afier commenping with cold water as a remedy, lie was oble to attend to hia business as usual. He v. ipiles bis case to be known by othèrs, that they may, if occasion requires, go nnd do likewise ; believing they will experienco the same happy result.Ferscveranee is ono of the most important qualities a man can possess.