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J he glorious car ot tufurify is Ia vith peace, plenty, and bliss, be; mght we can now know or conceivc. - .t the present moment the world is processing with the most ropid strides f . varcis her glorióos destiny ; and i iast be any criterion for the iu'.U' nalf century wil! develope improve. and discoveries which would withou. measuro astonish and overpower oui julity. Awriter in a foreign periódica'. asks us to euppose ourselves iloating back Dn the stream of time U0 years. and asta if the prophetic spirit had then come ;:- m us, and we had then narmted the dis;overies and ïmprovements which hamnn . A'isdom and ingenuity have effecied, ivou'.d have bel ie ved ? ÍJad we then menlioned that men would rise from ihe carth fly through tlie air in bal! - that metáis would be found which "would float on water, and burn il, and oven inname a coke of ice, fsodium and pottaium,) - that ships would stem the stormiest ocean wilhout sails or oars, and ngainst both wind and tide go ahead like a rae horse, - that carriages would run without horses far swificr llian the wind, and carry'lmndreds of tuns burden, - that men shouk! be conveyed hundreds of miles in a few hou i's, and cross the brond pceaq in a few days, - that bridges should hang by a chain over llie a, and roads should be made undcr f, [the Menal bridge and Thntnos Tunnel,] that men should ploügb with iron horse?, with boilingblood an hcarts of g'owing coals, who would feed upon forest trees and drink dry tbe rivers. - lliat people spin and weave, knit and, sew williout hands, calcúlate by wheelsv andsolveabstruse rnalhom.ntittal problema by machinen-, [Cabbage's ninchine,] - that the grand luminary of day would paint and engrave for them, producing the finest port rails, and the most perfect pictures in a moment, [Dnguerrotype ar i TalbotlypR,] - that one printiivg machine would niake in one hour inany thousand books, each of which it woulJ lake a man inany davs to rond, - that men wou" 3 readearth's rnighty rocks ijisieod of books, [geolfigy,} and give t!ie history of beings who lived and dicd bfore man c.xisted.- th'&Vthey wou!d discover other sister to ihe carlh and broihers to the sun, [nwplanets and stars,] ihe mouth of the Xiger ;i)(l the magnetic póle, - that ihey would speefk :ind writo by machinerv, - ilat ilieir pens wouM !o wires hun i of miles in longth, and thut thr n, ,v.; would Jjé ca rfied icom ono extre the country to tho "ther almost I of thoughtl - p shortj that : .ver siic vyny to every hut happinfiss, - L repen;, imd a pi then procíaimed lhc.-íí iliiñgs, lie have bren regarded as uttërïng live fancifs of a lelirium. Bul tlius b; world progressed, and is siill prpg lik(3 a rock torn from tha nio. brow, nnd rolling down its ïmpetuoijs gnthering new lorre and vnlocity ai e . rv bounaj Get from under the crumblíng hills while the car of refor.r, is rushing past, and stay not to be bu ried henea'!) th'e dárk oblivion of the past' -