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Electricity And The Tides

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ebs&r, in aftc.ribing the tide? to _- , -, caos ib Ijiiowing fact-. Firstj - o phere; whon nee fron vapor, .:,! aal nist elsciric when coid, ïtor lo ulfcir e when heated. e èctricity of ihe atmophere -- ihe eqiiulor, and ÏLcréases Vi jco firom il ; und in conirection s, the ticies ure highest at the miuishes tow.nrds the equitdh -2d itioos of tho barometer are èrt ut the equator anJ gfoatest at ihe 43. Sotwilight issliortesl at the r und longi;st at tlic polea. So the urortt Borealis, or visible streanis of rjciricity, are nover visible at the equamost distinct at ihe poles. So e variations ot' ihe impsphere in elecicity, weight and donsit)" nrc least al látar aiid röaiest at the pol es. These, and niany othcr facts, bhowing - dleclnc iuilueace increased toaics the poles, led Webster to the conujÍoij, tl. at, üe expansioj) and su of the ocean producing lides, was an [r., ctric phonoinena. Ai Wc would liere suggest an analogv. aU ing, as we do, that electricity is the to ni vital principie - the motive ac jweï of all organisms, from the whole w dar system down to the lowest orgnnism „ ut witiiin each planet or satellhe- e can perceive an anulugy between the jes aod bthèrsörganic inulions ihat are tributable lo .electricity. mAll vital mouons aro altérnate exi [ons and contracüons. Thus ihe lungs tjK xpaiid and contract, through the ngency tricity, taken in 'thé form of o.yThjstlie heart does the same Ihro' liné ngency, acting upou the in . What is tíie perigee and apogee f0, moon, but the contraction and exn üï iheir distiinces l What is the iorihfcüon and aphelion of the sun but beaaítíe? To all ihese motions, which C( ve nsoriba lo electricity, we see an ui igy in the tides ; and therciore we reprd 1I13 tides as the rèspiration, the . ole and diastolo of the earth. We liis for the consideration of the