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e have been askcd u some arranget ït could not be made for supplying Lo ra papers for campaign purposes for { ensuing two months. The time is ed. y short, but wc will do this : ( ,Ve will send the Signal Eight Weeks, ree packagesof Pire papers to one address, in One Dollar. Coimnence as soon as for i picase. There is no time to be lost ! act Mr. Stewart, in behalf of the State ntral Commitlee, writes us as follows, der dute of August 1 : ed "I feel that the Liberty party, at least ihis Surte, needs something in the Bhiape m b dear statement of its objects - the tj1( cessity for its formation, and its fitness accomplish its end, also a review óf doings, and an exainination of its prest position. tn In fací, the A B C of 1840, '41, and ar ï, is necessary, ïf not for ourselves, t for many anxious enquirers, who ind on the very threshold of cc ou with us, but want light to guide tn ?m ocrosa it. al I thereibre suggest to yoi!, tliat you mmenee a soi'ie.s of articles in tlie , 1, on the object of - the necessity for - ' i expedieney of the Liberty party: its ■ esent position, and its future objects. if The Central Committee will make pi ts to induce our friends through the ite to subscribe for a nuniber of the Enals as Campaign papers, and to cirlate them gratuitpusly, and the e ttee itself will pioneer the way, by bscribing for, and sending to Town rn immittees a number of these papers, as io ng the best antislavery documenta of day." We have no time for making prom!S or apologies: and in reply to the reest, we can only say that we will do ïat we can. Our private aflairs and 3 pecuniary concerns of the office make ry heavy draughts on our time and engie3. Neither can we teil the precise are which our articles may take. But tl e will endcavor to present an article of e kind here referred to, each week till 'ter election. C(