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Abstract Of The Sub-treasury Bill

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jf the United States. ihc . Makes Mints at Philadelphia and n101 w Orleans depositónos. . Rooms in New York and Boston, v ' pared undcr former act, to be used unthis act. ;he :. Rooms, &c, at Charleston and St. -lun lis, same. I. Assistant Treasurer to be coa as i. Money to be kept by all persons 1'1C eivingthe same, without loaning, '1O' , depositing in banks, or exchanging w0 other funds, except as allowed by this s'u eiv L Treasurers, &c., to givebonds. cr( 3. New bonds to be given and et ra 0. Collectors and receivers topay over w' ney by directïon oí' the Secretary of ar: ; Treasury or Pust Master General, cc in every weuk. "' 10. Secrctary oí' the Treasury may in .nsfer niofley frorn one depository to othcr, &e. th II. Agents to examine books and "{ unts of depositorie?, to bc appointed by a i Secreínry of the Treasury, and to be " owed $6 a day and trat eling expenses. ' 12. Naval officers, survcyors, Szc, ca :o to examine books, écc, of Assistant ni easurers, &c, each quarter or oftener re the Secretary oí the Treasury thinks to opér. tn 13. Depositories to haveclcrks, &c. 14. Balance of present deposites may tn transferred, &c; - ■ J 15. Marshals, district attornies, &c., ( ïy make payments to the treasurer of di ï United States Mints or assistant n elf. S' 16. All persons chafged Avith keeping m insferring or disbursing public monies, g keep an accurate entry of suriis receivof cach payment or üansfer - not to bc nverted to their own use, invested, Rj 1, deposited In any bank, or u 1 for other fünds - penalties and proof. 0 17. Rooms are to be procured where ? il ere are none. 18. On the lst January, 1847} and ereaftcr, gold and silvér only to be re[' iived. ' p 19. On the lst of April, 1847, gold ft id silver and treasury notes only to be w a ud out. n 20. No funds to be exchanged except r gold and silver - when gold and silver furnished, it shall be paid out - when t i drafts they must be presenled at the ) ace of payment and promptly paid, and " ïymcnts to be paid in money received om such drafts - unless in either case an tchange can be made for gold and silver t : par. Penalty. ? 21. The Socretary of the Treasury to l nforce speedy presentation and payment f drafis at the place where payable, and j revent them from being a circulatiñg 't ïedium. If officers sell for a premium, i ïey must account to the treasury. 22. Rëgulates salaries of assistant treasrers, &c, and provides that they shall ot charge fees. 23. Appropriates $5000 for repairs of i ub-treasuries, &c. 24. Repeals all laws repugnant tothis. . - '