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The Kalamazoo Asylum investigating oommittee has adjourned till April 9. The Michigan State Dental Association met t Ann Arbor Weduesday and held its usual nnual elections, discussions, etc. John Adams, of East Saginaw, has inheritd an estáte in Kentucky valued at $175,000, nd will come into poaession of the ame this all. The commencement exercises of the Homepathic College of the University took place fednesday evening in University Hall. The address to the gradúate was delivered by 8entor J. B. Moore, of Lapeer, and Prof. K. C 'ranklin the valedictory. The 20th annual commencement exerises of the law department of the fniversity were Held Wedneeday roornng in University Hall. The annual address was delivered by ex-Gov. Blair. A dispatch from Sebewaing says that the esidence of John Bang was destroyed by Cre 'uesday night, and his two children, who were [eeping in the house, burned to death. Their arents were absent at the time. No further articulare. Dr. Foster Ptftt will make a review oL the estimony in the anylum investigation and repare an answer for the trustees of the iBylum. Enough evidence h:iB been elicited i thoroughly arouse the committee, and as ae asylum authoritien propose to make a trong defense the fight promises to very hard. The room of Andrew Tallberg at Ann Arbor was entered Wednesday evening and between S6Ü0 and 700 stolen therefrom. Mr. Tallberg ives at Ishpeming but has been all winter in ie University hospital. The postmaster at Mattewan has been -ig ested on a charge of being a defaulter to the tovernment to the iiraount of f800. Mr. and Mrs. J. IC. Tenney, of Lansing, celeirated their silver wedding, Kriday evening t the residence of the Hon. O M. Barnes. The reeents were numerous and costly. Mrs. Tenley is the State Librarían. Patrick Gorman, of Tallmadge, Ottawa ooun;y, probablv tbe oldeat man i:i Michigan, died friday. The evidenofi ifl said to be iudisputale that he was 110 years.old. A Frenchman by the name of lsadoro Oass ommitted suicide at Cheyboygan on the 24th y jumping into the river. Druuk. The daughter of Mrs. Lowell Hinkley, of erome, Hillsdale oounty, who was hun in the ccident on the 17th, in which her mother was ne asd, after great suffering. Mrs. Hinkley emains in a critical conditiou. Edward Hoar, the man who was recently arested in Jackson and taken to Port Austin, luron county, to answer a charge of murder, ïas been released, the case against hira evilently being dropped. The people of Monroe county are to deside y vote whether their proposed new court louse shall be built at Monroe or Dundee. Dr. Baker, of Petoskey, who was charged with sending indecent matter through the mails on a postal card addressed to Representativo Philthorp, has been convicted, A man named Palmiter has been ordered by Judge Brown, of the Newaygo court, to discharge a certain mortgage he held against an ignorant Indian, and pay said Indian doublé costs of court in the case. The mortgage is also declared void. There was $20 unpaid on the obligation and a $40 mortgage fee. Deramius Aiken, of Charlotte, shot his wife at the Union depot, Grand Rapids, Saturday night, inflicting fatal injuries. One bullet passed through her windpipe and two through the shoulders. The murderer escaped. About 7.30 o'clock Saturday ni?ht the eastbound passenger train on the Grand Trunk Railway was thrown from the track between Smith's Creek and Ridgeway. The brakeman, jammed between the tender and the first car. The fireman, Thomas Cowan, was so badly scalded that he died at 8 o'clock at night. The engineer, B. C. Waltere, was also badly scalded in endeavoring to save Cowan, bat his injuries are not of a fatal nature. The train waB running at the rate of 80 miles per hour, and the locomotive and train, excepting the Pullman sleeper and Mr. Hanford's special coach, were rolled over intothe ditch. Some maliciouiy inclinad persons removed a ñsh píate, and when the train ran over ït the track spread, which overturned the train. The CommisBioner of Patenta has decided that the fence constructed of wire and wooden slats, of which considerable is being built in Washtenaw and Livingston counties, has been patented and the patent has expired. The invention is now public property. John Haire, living near Sebewa, accidentally killed himself while hunting Saturday. He was getting over a fence when his gun was diRcharged, and the charge of small shot penetrated his skull, near the ear. His two motherless little children found his body hanging over the fence. The following is a statement of the receipts and disbursements at the State Treasurer's office f or the month of March : Balanoe on hand, February 28 $651,379 80 Receipts for the month 104.475 95 Total $775,855 75 Disbursements for the month 88,909 00 Balance on hand March 31, 1873. .f 66C.946 75 During the year 1878 the expenses of maintaining tho State Pnson exceeded the reoeipts by $831. Maj, E. C. Watkins, of Rockford, Kent county, Inspeetor of Indi au Agencies, has reBÏgned. K. H. Morrison, the defanlting Odd Fellow's treasurer, went to Sturgis, his home, last week from the Mason jail, in custody of a deputy sheriff to endeavor to secure bondsmen in $3,000, but he failed and went back. The thirty-first anniversary of modern spiritualiën! was celebrated in Stewart Hall. Battle Creek. The meeting convened Sunday forenoon. preüided over by Dr. J. V. Spencer, of Battle Creek. A large number of prominent spirituahsts were in attendance frein various part of the State. Andrew Devine, of Martin, Allegan county, was killed at Blanchard. Isabella county, on the 29th, by a falling tree. Wm. Green, a farmer living near Tekonsha, attempted Buicide on the 27th by shooting himaelf in th hrPftRt. wit.h a revolver. His rccovery is doubtful. No cause is assigned. Henry Hines and Michael King have been arrested for removing the lish plate that causd the accident on the Grand Trunk. They were brought to Port Huron and lodged in jail. They weie both formerly employed by the Grand Trunk, and were discharged. The amount of freight carried east from Chicago over the Michigan Central last wee! was 84,981,128 lbs., divided as follows: Flour 5,124,400 lbs.; meat, 9,009,230; grain, 20,847, 508. A horrible accident occurred Maren 16 nea Northport, by which Mrs. Hiram Taylor los ber life. It seema that she was living alone with her child, about a year old, her husband being in the lumber woods this winter. Mr E. P. Taylor, her father-in-law, happening t pass by the house at dusk heard the child cry ing very hard. On entering the house th mother could not be found, nor any trace o lier except a water pail Btanding by the wel which is over 30 feet deep. The neighbor were soon aroused and her dead body discov ed in the well. It is thought that death wa instantaneous, and that the accident happen ed some hours previously, while she was en ieavoring to draw water from the well with tope and pail. Tlio Michigan delejíation wcre Bomewhat urpriHed tu me that Cicero Newell, oí Miohijau, was rominatcd for ludían agent at the Losebud agcnry. He is a stranger, and was ot recommened by the delegatiou. On the conrary, Judge Harían, of Grand Rápida, who was recommentled by the delegation for Buch n appointmcnt, was not nominated. Ex-Congressman Keightly will probably be ppuinted third auditor of the Treasury. ine jjelmont Olí Works, owned by Wm. li, Elkina Co., at Philadelphia, burned Monday. 'rank Calhoan and John Greaves, workinen, were burned - the former fatally, the lattor eriously. The loss is estimated from $75,000 o $100,000. The Sioux City Journal has startling reports of the ravages of destructive prairie flres up he Big Sioux Valley and throughout southern Jakota. The fireB on Saturday were of unusual 'orce, and destructive beyond precedent. The polea on the telegraph line on the Sioux City ind Pembina Bailroad were burned, and reiorts from that quarter are not full. A merchint of Eden, in Sioux City, tells hairowing ales of loases in that quarter on Saturday. From hia store door, occupying an elevated sosition. he counted 13 farra houses in flamea, ind he saya that more than forty in that vicinity have lost everything, houses, barns, seed, grain, etc. The lames traveled with sueh rapidity that people were unable to save anyihing. The stricken people are dazed by the errible blow that has fallen on them. A large Norwegian church, five miles from Eden, was burned. In thc same neighborhood, a child, it is reported, was fatally burned, and its father was terribly burned in bis efforts to save the child's Ufe. Proctor & Gamble's candle factory in Cincinnati, was partially destroyed by fire Tueaday. Loss estimated at $40,000. prarie fires reached the suburbs of the town and were only checked by great exertiona. The wife of John Forboin, a farmer, was burned to death in attempting to save the barn. Eddy, Carse & Co., stove manufacturera, of Troy, N. Y., have failed. Liabilities $59,000 nominal assets $120,000.


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