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In the wrestling match at Baltimore, Wed nesday, between Col McLanghlin, of Detroit and Prof. Wm. Miller, of Baltimore, for $500 a aide, Miller won af ter a long and severe con est. It was strictly Grseco-Boman tripping barred. The PreBident has nominated Andrew D White, New York, as minister to Germany, an Cornelina A. Logan, Illinois, minister residen to the Central American States. During the next two months the Seoretary of the ïreasury will cali upon the bank anc other subscribers to the 4 per cent, loan fo about $250,000.000 in cash. During the Bame time he will pay, constructively, about $260, 000,000 for 5 per cent. bonds. In April alone he will receive 9 158,000,000 on 4 per cent. subBcripüon. Five Beamen rowing ashore in Bliss harbor near Eastport, Me., were drowned by the upsetting uf the boat. The governor of Louisiana has signed the bill repealing the charter of the Louisiana State lottery. About four hundred striking minera gathered at Pomeroy, O., Wednesday, and forced the minera of a few mines that were working to join them in a strike for bigher wages. The New York Elevated Railroad now transports an average of 92,000 passengers daily. Wm. H. Vanderbilt is said to have engaged passage for Europe in a stes mei to sail on the 17th of April. Little Wolf and his band of Cheyenne Indians, numbering 35 lodges, with 250 ponies, was captured by Lieut. Clark, Second Cavalry, with 85 men, on Box Eider Creek, near Yellowstone River, on Tuesday, the 25th inst. Sume excitement was occasioned at a meeting of the Catholic priests of the (Jincinnati diocese, for perfecting plans for the relief of Archbishop l'urcell, by the announcement that Frank Grever, Charles Btewart and Thomas öcanlan had been appoiuted by the archbishop art a committee to receive all charitable contribntions to pay the dioeBan debt. This appointment was underatood to mean that the committee appointed by the priests was to be ignored, and cauaed a bitter dinou&fiion. The meeting flnally adjonrned without taking any action upon the matter. Mrs. John Hoi-ine, of Anderson county, Ky.( ii Tbursday mght gave birth to live chilclren. All are reported alive and doing voll. Shc is ut 27 years oíd, and has borne children twice efore, the first timo twins f.nd then tripleto. [er husband is a farmer in moderate circnintances. As showing the remarkable growth of the uHinesn of exporting fresh (slaughtere(i) beef nd eattle on the hoof, the following figures regiven: In 187ü the valne of freeh beef xported was $349,100; in 1878 it reached 86,09,856. In 1868 the valuo of eattle on the oof exported was $733,395, and in 1878 it had tiran t.i $5,844.653. Of tbe fresh beef 99 per ent. went to England, and the remainder to France and Cuba. Of the live animalB 54.33 cr cent. went to England, 14.91 per cent. to 3ubi, 11.92 per cent. to Canada, 6.85 per cent. o the British West Indies, 3.36 per cent. to Mexico, and the remainder to various other ountries in small numbers. April 1. - In the Senate the bill approprUting $200,000 f or a yellow fever disinfecting vessels pas&ed. Senator Gordon (Dem., Misa.) took his seat to-day. The Benate went into exccutive seasion pending a motion by Mr. Edmunda to take up the resolntion heretofure offered by him declaring that the business and other interest of the country required that legislation ahould be confined to the objecta for which the extra nession was called. When the doora were reopened the Senate odjourned. In the House, Mr Atkina (Dem., Tenn.) reported the legialativc appropriation bill. It appropriates between filteen million and aixteen million. The bill contains provisión repealing the laat clause of fcection 800, Reviaed Statutt'a (whioh applied to Pennaylvania), and sections 801,820 and 8U, Keviaed ötatute, and providing that all jnrors (grand and petit) ñhall be publicly ílrawn from a box containinj the name of not less tïian 300 persona poflsessing the neccKsary qualifieationB, which ñames shall have been placed tber;in by tho clerk of the courtand a coramissioner to be appointed by the judge, the coromisaioner to ba a citizen residing in the district and a wellknown member of the principal party oppoaing that to wliich the clerk belongs. lt aleo repeals Bection2031. except such part of it as relaten to the pay of supervisors of electiona. It repeals all other aection and law r-uthoriiing the chicf supervisorn of electiona and special or deputy marshals of electionn, The House went into committee of the whole on tbo bill, and, ai'tcr a loug dUciisaioa, adjourned.


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