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Both in the matter of cbaraeter anc ability the incoming senators have muc the advantage of those who retire. A between Oglesby and Logan, with littl choice there is probably rests with th outgoing Senator ; on tho other hand, i anything, Mr. Chandler is ratheran iui provement on Mr. Christiancy, for tha' 8worn eneray of the British lion has th oourage of his convictions, even if the' are erroneous ones. Tho carpet-baj element praotieally disappears froui tho Senate, Mr. Kellogg being the representative of that regime, and no one can regret the relegation to private lii'e ui' Messrs. Spencer, Dorsoy, Conover and Patterson, even were they not to besucceeded by gentlemen so eminent as Messrs. Honston, Walker, Cali and Mampton. We get rid of some ot the worst relies of Grantism in Messrs. Sargent and Mitchull, obtiiining in their stond clean raen of respectable abilities. If Mr. " Picture" Platt is not much of an aoquisition. Professor Hill is decidedly to be preferred to Mr. Chaffee. The talented but indolent Mr. McCreery, of Kentuelty, is replaced by a man probably of not sogreatcapaeity, but who will leave his mark on the werk that comes beforo him. Louisiana niight well be satisfied with Mr. Eustis or his friend, Mr. Jonas, tho latter, like Mr. Cali and Mr. Groóme, of Maryland, beingabiillant and trusted young man. In the same category we mny includeMr. Vest, of Missouri, who if eloquent, laborious, versed in public affairs and inevery way likely to prove a much moro noteworthy inan than its predecessorp, the late Mr. Bogy and Col. Armstrong. North Carolina sends her ablest man and most worthy representative, Mr. Vanee, and in Mr. Pendleton, Ohio gains immeasurably in dignity, capacity and character upon that unique production of the Wust, Mr. Stanley Matthews. Finally, froru Wisconsin comes tho decidedly brilliant Mr. Carpenter, sobered down and instrueted, we fancy - and hope - by his temporary obseuration, bnt infinitely to be preferred, at the worst, to the tediou:) and fossilized Mr. Howe. - Altogether the Senateof the Forty-sixth Congress promises to be, as we have already said, much superior, both astothe capacity and character of its members, to its predecessor. California's proposed new constitn'jon will be submitted to the people in May, nd if ratiiied will go into effect July 4th. As to the Chinese, it is just. wlmt un ïntrument framed by Dennis Kearney ïight have been expectcd to be. ïlie oors are firruly barred agaiust a ChinaHin ever becomiiig a voter in the State. t proh ibits the employ ment ireotly or iiidirestly, by any Corporation rgnnized under the lftWI of the State, r on publi; works of any kind, excejit n punishuient of eriine. It declares that heir immigration into the State should be discoumged by law, that all contracts 'or coolie labor are void, that companies 'ormed for importing Chinese in;iy bo ubjeot to any penalties the legislature itay see fit to iullict, and tbat tho legis ature shall Selecto all power to muncipalities to removo Chinese from their imits or confino them to designated quarters within the liiuits. Poor " Jolin' will begin to think " Melican man" not very hospitable; in fact, that he is not vauted here. ïhat seems to be the fact. Now that the will contest has been ettled to lus entire satisfaction, William i. Vanderbilt bas set out for furtbor conquests. He bas let a contract for $1,500,000, for construeting a tunnel under tho Detroitrivei, at Stony Island, soas to inake direct connection between the Canada Southern and Michigan Central railroads. The tunnel isto be 3,700 feet ong, and to be wide enough for a doublé rack. It is understood that the wolk will begin April 20th. Ono effect of the tunnel will be to Icavothe city of Detroit, where a railroad bridge has been solong talked of, at one sido, off tho niftin line of the road- greatly to the disgust of ,he good people of that oldFrench city. The O'.iver Camerou case ia ooncluded, by a verdict for tbe defendant. The e-'idence ha pointed this way all along. Ciimeron, altbougb guilty of triñing with OHver's affnetions, such as they were, did not deny it but wasindisposed after pnying liberull}7 to be blacktnai'o 1. He bas bad great courago in facing tho matter in court and the verdict will servo o lessen tbis business everywhere. Ii' Zach Chandler should be disoovered sr me day on the bank of the river separating Detroit froni the Queen's dominions, with clenchcd fists cluwing the ttir and hurling defiance at the pcoplo opposite, it would be only an ebullition o nis midying hatrcd toward the liritis) lion. Hayes' pension roll - that is, tho rol of those whom he appointed to office il payraent of his "oounting in' - nggre gutes tho sum of $2 j4,765 a year. For the four years of his Presiden.oy the poople will have paid, for the theftof the Presi deucy, $1,037,560. Choap, isn't it ï Providcd the opposition suoceed in electing their ticket on the 7th of April Zaoh Chandler will prora ptly forwarc to Grant the following dispatch" Mieh igan has gone to h - 1. Looks squally for '80. Lets retire from politics." The long protracted contest over the will of Vanderbilt has been settled so far as the surrogate court is concernec by the adrnission of the document to probate.


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