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Zach. Chandler's Plan For 1880

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A gentleman oí position ana riuiubil ity, who is a Kepubliean, disoloses the substance oí' a declaration recently made in his cotnpany liy Zach. Chuidler. - The cunversation turned upon the Pres idential campaign. Mr. Chandler va asked : "Who will be the nominee of the Democrats'í" "Why Tilden and lien derieks, of course! Ñobody but a d - c fooi will doubt that! Some people thinl vvo have caught hitn on the cipher dis patohes, but mark what I say, the sly old coon will come out of it all smiling And if he don't catch someofour men ! will be d - d glad, I teil you. I know him, for by ,1 had to fiiht hiiu in 76 ! "Tilden and Hendricka," said he "with a solid South behiud them, hav only lo rarry New York and Indiana t win, and who doubts that they ean d it? I teil you gentlemen, (and as h said this he struck tho table until tb glasses jingled). I teil you there is n uso of trying to get New York awa froin Tilden. If he isnominated all he! can't beat him in that State. I veril believe tbat if we were to nominat Conkling for President anotber Eepub lican frota that State equally popuia for Vice-President wn would find tha Tilden would nevertheless carry th State. We have but one chance to bea Tilden and Hendricks, and that is to di vide the solid South. And the soone we begin to think how that is to be done the better it will be for ourorganization. A Senator's Salaky and Expenses -" 1 cannot save any of uiy salary," saü Senator Lámar. "I neverpaid a cent V e yond livery hire and a few little kindrec items of election expenses in my life, anc I have been in politics a long time. . could save $1,000 a year if I would do certain things, but I do uot think mennscience would be satisfied if I did. - Por instance, I pay about 1300 a year fo newspapers, I lika toread them. 1 hav passes over railroads; I conld travel al over the United States free, but I pamy fare. It costs mo $ü7 for eaeh memKor of my faiuiljr ovory timo I como ant go between here and home. I havo telegraph passes, but I never use them. I do not think it would be right. I can send anything I picase over the express linea, yet I pay my express bilis. I spend my salary aud never any moncy. Borne senators use all these privileges of deadheading, and they say it is right. - I think ot.herwiso. I5ut therois onething should be dono, and I shall proposo it as soon as I get a chance. Every senator should have a private secretary. Helias more correspondence, committeo woik, etc., that he can do. The senator gets $5,000 a year, and cannot support big faraily in keeping with his position aud employ a private secretary on that Bum."


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