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Estáte of Freilerica Gerner. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CÜUNTY oí Washlenaw, ss. Ata session of the i'robat Courtforthe Countyof Waëhtenaw, holden at the l'robate Office ui the city oí Aim Albor, on Satur day, the Iwenty-ninth dny of Marcl', in the year one tbousand eurht hundred and seventy-niix-. Present, Willium O. llarriiuun, Judïe of l'robate In the matter of the estáte oí Frederloa Qerner deceasi d. Chrisiian Mack, íidr-miistnitor of sriid estáte comes into eourt tuid represents thnt he ia now pre pared to render nis final account as auch adiniuis trator. ïhi'ieupon it [gordered, that Tuesday, the twenty-üimli duy of April next, at ten o'c'loct in the furenoon, bc aAfiiKllftd for examinin and allnwing such account and that the liL-irs at law of saiil dcceascd, and all other persons interestcd in Baid eatite, are reqnired to appear at a senlon of Mtld Court.tbcn lo-be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Aan Arborinuld county, and show cause f aiiy there bc, why the said account should not bo allowod : And it is furthcr ordered that said administralor glve notice to the persons [nterested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account and the hearing thenxrf, by eanafng a cy of this order tobe publishediu the Michigan Akcls, a newspaper prlnted andcirculatingin said COonty, tin. ■ Bucceseive weeks prerious to satd day of nearinK W1LLIA.M D. HARRIMAN (A ti copyO Judge of Probate. Vu. G. I)oiy, rrobate Register. MICHI5AN"lLÍÍMlÉASEML Seuit for Cjualogue. Okciiíuu I.akk. Mi. h. Butste or Hllllam A. Jones. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY K3 of Wasliteiuiw, ge, At a Keseion of the l'j 1mt (Jonrt for the Coimty of Washtemiw, hulden at (h Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Salur day, the twenf y-mnth day oi' Marob, in the yc: cme Ihousand eight l.undn ú and seveuty-nine. l'reeut, Wil'imn I. Hairirnan, Judgvoi Probate In the matter of the esUte of Willium A. Jone dtcfciised. On r ading and filing the petition duly verified o Lorenzo H. Jones, praying that aeertain in&tru ment now on file iu tliis Couit, purporting to be tí; lual W'iJl iiid Testament of said deceased, muy b admitted to probate, and that he may be appointei exfeutor thereof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the twenty-eiyhth day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assi'ned for tlie hearing ot said petitiou, and that thedeviseee, leñatees and iicirsat law of said doci-asL'd, and all other persons interested in said estáte, me required to appear at a aesHion of tmid court, then to be holden at the Probato Office in the city of Ann Arbor, and show, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioncr ehould not be granted : A'nd it is further ordered that eaid pelitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pcudeney of said petition and the hearinir tliereof, by CHUKing a copy oí thia order to be published iu the Michigan Annus, a newspsper printed and ciiculaied in said county, thrte sucecssive weeks previous to said day of hearing. W1LLIAM DHARIÏIMAN, f A true eopy.) JuQge of Probate Wm. O. Doty. Probate Heester. Kciil Kötato lor Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF WASIItciiaw, se. ii Lliu muller l' ihv estste ofMer garetta I. ponnelly, a minor. Notice is hcreby givcn, that in pursuance of an order granted to the undersifíned, guardián of Baid minor, liy the Hon. Jude of irobato for the county of Washtenaw, on tlif fint day of April, A. L. 1879, there will be sold at pnbllo vendue, to the higbest 1 i ider, at tlie eaat loor of the ' 'nirt Houa1 ín Ann Arbor, iu the county of Washteuaw in said State, ou ISatuuday, iiie Brvkntesnth day of May, A. D. 1879, at teu o'clock ín the forenoon of that day [OUbjeot to all moumbraBCM by mortease or otherwiae extetíñg at lie time of the sale), all the riht, title, and interest of said minor in and to the followiDg described eal estáte, to wit: AU that certaiu tractor parce! of land Bituated in thecity of Ann Arbor and county of Wat-htenaw, known, bounded, and deacribed is tolfnws, viz: The norlh one-third of lot uu in h:t Keven (7 in block nuinher two (2) uorth of range luinliur Uu-re east in said city. Pated, April 1, 1S79. CATHARINE WALBH, Guardian.


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