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LEGAL IMOTICES. Kwíate of Wilïium Lanclmrs. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COITNTY k3 of Washtenaw, At a sessionof the Probate Court for the Coanty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City oí' Ann Arbor, on 'l'lutrsdiiy. tli e lventy-sviiith dn y of M;irch, in the yeaï cue thousancl eight hundred and seventynine. Present, Willifim D.Hnrriinan, Judtreof Pr ■ ate, In the matter of he estáte oi WiUiam Landers, decfiiM tl. Onreadingand filingttre petstio!), dnly verified, of Mary Ann Lande ra, ptavyisg that a eert ai n instrument now on lile Ia tuk conrt, purpert ing to be the last will and testament of said deceased, iinyh.' adsnitted to Probate End that she maY bo appointed executor thereof. Thereupon it isordered, that Mond;iy,tht twen-ty fit eit day oí April next, at ten o'elock in the forcnoon,be;iasigcidfor tl ie ht uring of said petition, and that the" d ' i i W, legatees, and heirn at law of said deoeased, and all othei persona intereated in Sfiid eatatt.are vequiivd to ippearatasesionof said court, then to be bolden at the Probate office in the city oi Ann Arbor, and show cuusc, rf any there bet why the pnvyer of the petitioncr shwtiM iiot be gra'nted : Arrcf it is 1 nrtber orde red tbrt saiá petícionei give notice to the persons interest! in surft estáte, of the pendeney ot atad petltton, nnë the hearing tbervot', by oauíng 11 (opy of thia orde to be publishvd in the MiCHWAK Abgus, a newipapur priïïtcd and circulirted in said eonnty, three duceesüive weeks previoia to said dny oi hearing. WILLIAM D. HAKiilMA. fAtruecopv.) Judge of Probate. Wai. O. Dotv, Probate Register. I-state of Tilomas Fox. OTxkTE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY O of Washtenaw, ss. Ata sessionof the PtobMe Court ror the Uounty of Wnshteiiaw, holden at the Fxobate ('ttict! in the city oí Aun Arbor, on Thurtday, the twenty-sereoth öay of Mareh, in the year one tboUBttnd tiUI, hundred arul eventy-öine.Present, VVilliani I. lian Unan. .Intime of l'robatc In the matter of íbe tétate of TIioiehs Fose, deceased. ËKuna M'ebb, adminístnUrix wüh the wiñ n- nexed of said estáte, eonfeee i ut o court and represen ts that she is now prepared to render her tiual account as snrh admiinstratïix. 'I'hrrciipon iL iá orde red, that Wednesdny, the twenty-fcliird dnyof April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, hv, assigned for exauüning and allowing inch ftceount, and that the devises, leñatees aod heirs at law of said decessed, nnd au otln-r jx3?.mtu Interested in said estáte, are reqwire# to appear at a se sa urn of said eourt, tiren i DeboMe at the Probat Office Ín the city (rf Ann Arbor in auklcouRty, and show cause, ifany there be, why thesail account shouM not be nllowed : And it is fitrther or.liri-tl. tbat said administrntrix gÍTe notiire totbe persona i mr rest cd in eftfd estáte, of the pendency of said account and tlie hearing thereof, by caiisiiig a copy of thia order to be puollsbed in the Michi(ïan Aeíius, a newspíip(!rprinted andeïreuïating ia said eouDty, three successive weeks preiowa to said day of hearinf?. WILLIAM D. HARKIMAir, (A true copy.) Judgeof Probate. Wm. G. Doty, Probate Register. &-4t SherifiTs Salí'. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, COITNTY O of Waahtenaw, bs. Charles F. ('onrad v. Wriglit Spencer and örove By Tirtueof a writ of exocution ia.ued out of and onder the ! seal (yï the dromt Court tor the county of YVíibIitenaw, in the a have entitled cause, and to me directed and áelívered, I riirt on the 18th day of Januury, A. I. 1H79, levy iipon a the right, titie, and interest oi: Wriyht Bpeneer, ono of the defndanS therein nained, in and to the iollowiiiff deseribecï „ real estáte, to wit: A thatcertain piece or parce} of land situated, lying, and utin in the city of s Ypsilanli. in the euuiily of Washtenaw and State 3 ol Michigan, known and deeribed asfoilows, naraeI ly : BegHiiitng ;tt a porat on H;tmilton street twena ly (2(1) rods soutij of the northeast corner of lot W. ty-nine (59) in II. W. Larzeleres additïon to the vil lape of VpsÜHDti, thenee sotith on the line of j Httmilton Btreet thiity-two rod, thence west tweuty rod, tlience north'th-irty-two rods to the Southwest córner of land deeded to Adelade C. r Dodge, tlience east on the hu e of said Adelade C. . Dodgc to the pl.tce of be-inniu, conlainrn feT (4) acres of land, more or less. Which abore de1. sciibed proper t y I shall expose for sale at public _ auotion to the high est bidder, r.t the north door of the (,'ourt House, in the city of Ann Arbor in Baitl 1 county ol AVashtenaw and Stale of Michigan (that 3 beiny the place of hoiding the Circuit Court for the e cotinty of Wa&litenaw, wherein the said premises _ are situated) on the TffELrrii ïat of April, A T I). 1879, al one o'cloek in the nftt rnoon of said áy. ? Dated, February 28, 187fl. ,; JOSIAH S. OASE, Sheriff. Chanoery Sale. rpHE CIRCUIT COURT FOPv THE COÜNTY i A of Washtenaw, in Chancery. AlexanderSowV e ier, comphunar.t( v. Henry M. Phelps, flefendant.In purauauce and by virtue of a decree of i&iÜ Court made and entered by said Court in the above? entitled cause, on the V2ih day of November, A. D_ 1S78. Notice is hereby given that I shall sell at lublfc fuietion, to the highest bidder, on Monday, the 14tt day of April, A. D. 1879, at eleven o'elock in the forenoon, at the front door of the County r Clerk's office, in the city of Ann Arbor, Coucty of Watihtenaw, and State oi Michkrw, said County B ülerk's otfice being ttib place desïgnated by tbe 8 Circuit Jude as tbe plwce for holding tlie Circuit " Court for the County oi' Washtenaw, thefollowing e deMrioed real estáte, being the same mentioned and describid in said decree, and sitúate in the !- TownsMp of Webster, Couuty of Washtofiaw and ' State of Michigan, to-wit: The eaï haïf oi the h southeast quaiter f yectïn thirty-two, and the ■ west half of the west half ol the southwest quar1 ter of section thirty-three, and the soathwest quarter of tke southeast quartei oí' section thirty-twa, B township ( ne, south rangre five east, containing " one hundri'd and sixiy acres of land, more orlcss. 1 Febiuary 21st, 1879. JAMES MoMAHON. Circuit Conrt Commissioncr in and fo t 0 County of Waehteuaw, Michigan. a A D. CRANE, Holicitor for CompUinant. ti-tsage Sale. ï p"EFAtTL,T havinf? b;en raade in the conditiows í ÏJ of a cci tain mortgage made and executed by 1 Dariua S. Wood and Dcbonih S. Wood to Kmily 3 Beikton,and dated Julj the íiíteenth, A. D. 1876, 1 and recórded in the office of the Retater of Deeds oí Wüshtenaw County, ötate of Miclian, on tbe - fifitenth dayof July, Á. i. 18ïf, in Juiber 44 f mortiiges, at page 324, which mortgaee waa duly BSftjurnec by said Emily Bentou to Comatock F. llill, February lOth, li$79, as per assignment recorded in said Registers office, in Líber 6 of assignmenta at pnge 169, and there being cltiimcd to be due and nnpaid on :iid inortgaye and the note c. companying the same at the date of tbïs notice the e sum oí 'f wo Thouaand Sixty-Four and 74-100 Dole law ($2,004.74), also an attorney's fee ot' TwentyFive Dolían as provsded tor in said moTtgage, and r no proceedin;s at law or in equity having been taken to collect the sum or nny part thcreuf. Now, !# thereforc, notice is hereby given, that by yïrtue of Z tlie power of sale in said mortgüge centained, and of the statu te in sueh case made and provided, I s shall, on Tucsday, the thirteenth day of May, A. D. lS7i, at ten o'clock A.M. of that öay, nt tke south door of the Clerk's office, in the city of Ann -. Arbor, (that beiiig the place designated for holding the Circuit Cour; for the County of Washtenaw,) l sell at public auction or vendue, tothe highestbidt der, the premises describe d in said raortgitge or so h much thereoi aa wiD be nccessary to satisfy said a amount of mortKaveand note, together with taid e attorney'sfee and all necessary costs and expenses -j allowed by law, with the accruing interest at Bine c per cent. Said premises beïng oescribed in aid _ inortgage asfollows: The south west qaaïte? of 3 section twenty-Öve, iu township three, south of range five east, cuntaining one hundred and sixty r acres. COMSTOCK F. HILL, e Assignce of Mortgage. Dated, Fcb. 12, 1879. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw, ss. In the matter of theestate of George Whitïng, deceased. Notice is hereby - given, that in pursuaneo of anoider gran-tcd to the undersigned exeentors of the estáte of said üeorge r Wliiting by the Hon. Judge of Probate for theCounty of Washtenaw, on the twelfthday of Febe ruary, A. D. 1879, there will be sold at Public Venb due, to the highest bidder, at the front door off - Ayres hotel in the villaje of Milan, in the County e of Washtenaw, in said Ötate., on Tuesday, the eïghth day of April, A D. 187Í), at ten o'clock in 1. the forenoon of that day (subject Ui all encumbran- ces by mortgage or otherwise existing at the time of the death ol said deceased or sub&eqently made ■ by hïs excentors) the following described Real Ks- tate, to-wit: Coinmencing in the center of tfce 1 highway which leads from Front street, village of Milán, southwesterly acri-ss the Saline KiTer, at - the northeast corner of a parcel oí land at preBent e owned by Joseph Gauntlett, and conveyed to him - by oae Aiobin, and running from thence north , t hirty-sïx degrees along the center of said highway 3 two (2) chains nnd nine (9) links to the south line of 1 said Front street ; thence north sixty-one degrees f west nlong the south side of said Front street two f (2) chains and twenty-three(23j links; thenee south : thirty-six. (36) degrees west parallel with firet line 3 two (2) chains. ninc (0) links; thtnee south sixty3 one degrees e:tst along tbe north line of the said , Joseph ruimt Ie tt's parcel two(J) chains and twen1 ty-three (28) links to the place oí' beginuing, being - the same parcel eonveyed to the late (ieorge Whi- ting trom Thomas Also, commencing on tlie north line of Front etreet, village oi Milan, at the southeast corner of the hotel lot conveyed to Willinm C Ayree by Thomas Braman by deed, recorded December líí, 1877. in Liber 86, on page 344, and running from thence suuth sixtj-one dejiJwe east along the the north line of said Front street one hundred and thirty-two feet to the aouthwest ■ curner of a parcel oonveyed deed from Hnrrison G. Voorheis and Franois Whiting to David Black' mer, and recoided in Liber 81, on page 570, and " thence north twentyniue degrees east along the west line of said Blackmer's parcel one hundred feei to the south line of said Ajíes hottl lot; thence north sixty-one degrees west along the line of said Ayres lot one hundred and thirty-two feet; thence south twenty-nine degrees west nlong the line of said Ayres parcel to the place of beginning, lying and being on the south side of lot nnmber oae, villageof Milan, Edwards' plat. líoth pareéis being on the west half of the southeast quarter of seetioa thirty-five, town four south range fiix east, York Washtenaw County, Michigan. Dated, Februury" 12, 1879. EARBISON G. VOORHEIS, FRANOIS WHITING, Jixecutors. Kstate ol Daniel Vauglin. STATE MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw, ss. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washteiiaw, holdsa at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thurday, the thirteeuth day of March, in the year onethousand oiglit hundred and sovfiity-nine. Present, Williaiu D. Harriinan, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the eslate of Daniel VaMghnr deceased, Kli.a Kelly, mhninistratrix of said estáte, comes in to court and represents that she - now preparad to reader her final account as suclfc admlnistratrlx. Thereupon it is orderod, that Wedneaday, the iiiiith day of April nrxt. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be'assigned for ezaofnlDg and allowing such account, and that the heira at Law of sald decea8od( and aU other persons Interested in said estáte, are required to appear al ft sossfon of aaM court, then to be nolden at ene Probate Office In the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, ifnny tbere be, why the said account should not be allowed: Anditis furthcr onïered that said ulitiiiiistratrix gire ñutiré te the persona Interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said ccouní and tlie hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in tbe MlCHlGAS Abgus, a newspaper printed and circnlating in said county, thiee successive weeka prevloua to said day of hearing. [A true copyj WILLIAM D. UAKiïIMAN, Judge oí Probate. Wm. G. Dotï, Probate Regieter.


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