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- Election Monday, April 7. -A little daugliter of J. Hoffstetter died on Mouday of scarlut fever. - Judge Huntington officially bids farewell to the benoU and bar of Washtenaw tbis week. --The refuse mud accumulated upon the streets. is being utilized by filling up the court house yard. - Very many of the veteran drinkers of lower town have signad the pledge within the past week. - On Saturday the Ladies' Library Association was opened at their new location in the court house. - Republican ward cauonses were hele last evening. Vity convention is callod at the court house this evening. -Democratie ward caucuses aro calleo for this evening. City convention al court house to-morrow afternoon. - It is expeeted the corner room under the Gregory House will be in readiness for the remo val of the savings bank some time next week. - Henry Palmer, a moulder, in the employ of the Ann Arbor Agricultural Company, was severoly burned, Monday by the explosión of a ladle containing bot iron. - The book and stationery stock of Dr. S. H. Douglas has been removed to the store second door north of the natioual bank, formerly occupied by Boyd and Allaby. - The story of Andrew Tallborg, who claims to have lost a box of jewelry valued at $G00, while boarding at the residence of George Crossman, is held by officials to be uuworthy of belief. -Mr. Waples wiü read a paper on the Yellow Fever for the benefit of the Liadies' Library, at the residence of Mrs. Ten Brook, on Friday evening, April 4. Admission ten cents. All are invited. - A foot race Monday on the University campus, for $10 a side, between Frank Davis (colored) and Peter McNally, was witnessed by 300 persons. The race was won by McNally, distance 300 yards. - A saloon keeper garnisheed the wages of a hard workiug tnechanicof lovver town in the amount of $30. The mechanic proposes to coutest the matter on the ground of being an habitual drunkard. - A needed improvement ha9 been effected in front of the stores of Messrs. J. Berolzheimer and Wm. Allaby by the laying of a walk so that the jog, heretofore Hable to cause people to stumble, is entirely removed. - Eugene Polhemus died on Sunday forenoon of consumption aged 25 years. A meinber of Otseningo lodge of Odd fellows and of hook and ladder cotnpany, members of both organizations turned out to pay respect to their late f ello w member. - The judge of probate, in accordance with the resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors, is at work arranging the records iu the offiue. The first estáte administered upon in Washtenaw county was that of George W. Noys, in April, 1827. Bethuel Farrand was the probate judge. - The catalogue of the public schooi for 1878-9 is just out, and 6hows that of 479 pupils enrolled in the High School, 289 are non-residents. The number of non-resident pupils increases every year, the majority of them coming to Ann Arbor to complete their preparation for entering the University. - The rear addition to the old building on the court house square formerly occupied by the county Clerk and Register of Deeds, was torn down last week, so that the brick might be used in finishing off the basement of the court house. The remainder of the building ■will be sold at auction Saturday. - The annual meeting of the LadieB1 Ijibrary Association will be held in the new library room on Monday afternoon, April 14, commencing at half past two o'clock. It is hoped there will be a large attendance. The ladies will please retnember that tho annual tax should be paid at this meeting. By order of the board, Mary W. D'Ooge, Secretary. - Two suits have been commenced in the Washtenaw circuit court againstthe University. Philip Bach, as assignee of B. F. Granger, who sues to recover for services as counsel for the board of regenta during a portion of the great trial just closed. Granger has also sued regente Duffield and Eynd indivMually, by wbom he was employed. The amouut claimed in the different suits is $1,000. - A singular denouement carne of the walkiug uiatch in Hangsterfer's hall. - The place was rented by one Lee, who, upon pretence of going to Ypsilauti to arrange for a match, took with him the proceeds of the 25 cents admission amounting it is thought to about $200.-Lee has not returned. To obtaiu f'unds to return to their home ia Detroit tbe walkers were obliged to put up their clothing. - Paint and paper have made a wonderful change in the cigar store, barber shop and bath rooms at No. 5 North Main St. The new proprietor Mr. Schutts, has expended considerable money in making bis place of business attractive. With a very neat place for business, fine stock of cigars, new bath rooms, skilled workmen, he hopes to merit a share of the patronage of the public. There is no reason why he ehould not have it.


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