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Potatoes are very scarco about Dexter. -Ypsilanti hankers after the TJniver. sïty Trouveres. -Ypsilanti Lightüuard has ordored a $50 flag from Cinciunati. Prospecta of a good wheat erop about Chelsea were never better. - Ed. Lobdell of Manchester will hereaf ter sell clothing in an Adrián store. - Forty-four trampa stopped in the lock-up in Ypsilanti on Friday night. - Kepresentative Allen is tho author of six bilis ho has presented to thd legislature. ■ - Ex-Supt. Van Itiper vacated the county houso March 31,inoviug to Ypsilanti. - Tho Common Counoil of Ypsilanti have Bettled upon the use oí' naptha instead of gas. A. E. French of Dotroitis architecturing the uew hotel and blook of stores in Ypsilanti. - Ypsilanti is going to try tho Watkins' patent for lighting herstreets, at a oost of $331,25. - E'.eotion tickets and pastevs promptly priuted and at the cheapest rates at the Augcs office. - Ypsilanti has a fullProhibition city ticket in the field with Charles Fleming candidato for mayor. - Mr. Doerrlor and others of water who went to Arkansas to purchaso land, Lave returued. - - Mr. Voorhies, an oíd and respeoted farmer and one of the pioneers of Superior township died on Monday. - Ypsilantiaus will have four tickets to ehoose from on Monday, Democratie, Kepublican, Greonback andProhibition. - I. N. S. Foster of Ann Arbor town was re-nominated for supervisor, on Saturday. Lorenzo Davis was nominated clerk. - Mr. E. M.Coleof Superior has made thus far this season 150 gallons of maple molasses. He has seven hundred trees on tap. - Messrs. II. D. Stannard and A. "W. Gleason of Dester have gone to Kansas iu 8earch of a location where wealth can De founrt. - The Ypeilanti Paper Company hava recently put into their Superior milis ;wo new machines to accomuiodato the ühicago 2'imes. - Remains of Georgië, only son of ïev. J. C. Higgins oí' Detroit, were conveyed to and interred in, Oak Grove cemetery at Chelsea. - Ypsilanti Democrats chose delegates from wards last eveuing, who will meet this evening at Council Hall to nominate candidates for city officers. - O. A. Vaughan, superintendent of schools will examine teachers of Webster township at town house school juilding on Thursday, April 10, commencing at 9 A. U. - The Agin farm containing 340 acres and located in town of Webster, has been divided into three parts : Richard McQuillan takes 220 acres : James Armstrong, 80 acres ; Charles Hogers and Choinas Eagle, 40 acres. - The steam saw mili belonging to Mrlanson Burnham, one mile north of Mian was completely destroyed by fire eary on the morning of the 20th, together with a large quantity of shingles that íad been manufacturad in the mili. - Phere was no-insurance upon tho buildngs; loss $1500. - Candidates of Ypsilanti's Prohibi;ion Reforru Party: Mayor, Challes 'leming. Supervisors, lst Dist., Solomon C. Hainliu. 2d Dist., Alva Worden. Constables, P. B. Pattee, T. J. Forsyth. Aldermen, William McAndrew, Wm. J. Ciarte, Samuel Vaughn, Chas. I. íáweet, ohn E. Putney. - John G. Schneider, a teamster in the raploy of Goodale & Henley, at the )elhi flour milis, was thrown from his wagon, Tuesday afternoon, as he was ntering the piaster mili with a load of jlaster rook, and was crushed against a ïeavy timber partition. His injuries are very serious, but it is thought not atal. - C. V. BurnettattendedHenry Richrd's auction in Lodi and bid off a span f horses. Bagging offon one horse Burnett departed with the other and reurned the next day with $100 to pay 'or the animal. After the lapse of twelve ays Burnetfc returned with the horse and deraanded his money on the ground f being a minor. He has brought suit ;o recover. - Charles Emerson was brought from 3helsea on "Wednesday and lodged in ail to await an exaininatiou on Wednesay of next week. Etnerson dropped in upon afarmer named Driggsin the toivn f Sylvan, and offered to work for his ioard during the winter. A bargain was entered into. Not long ago Mr. )riggs went from home on business and n returning missed soine wheat, for whioh larceny Emerson is charged. - How the Opera House project at Ypsilanti is progressing is told by the Commercial: "The latest plan is for a oint stock company to purchase a lot 'or an opera house somewhere in the quare formed by Pearl, Cross, Huron lid Washington streets. Tho southern joundary is not yetfixed at Pearl street, nd prouiinunt men on the east side of ,he ri ver favor the site of the oíd Bucklin ïouse, the best gituation, as it seeins to us, in tho city. It is 6aid that the projerty raay be had for $3,000, whioh mount will be taken in stock by the wner of the land."


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