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- Match 26.- The Sonate paased the following billa of whieh all except tho first six have alr aly passcd the House: reorgamzing the tuwn uf Dunoau Cheboygan county; reorganiziil" the town of Grant. Cliehoygan county; legflll ng bonds of Dentón towaahip, Roscommon county; rcincorporating Three íliverBÍ providing 'or the transcribin" uf deed and records in certain caaes; amending section 6233, Compiled Laws, relating to actions of ejectmenl; incorporting Blanchard, Isabella county; for a patent for school landa to T. Kamsey, of Hillsdale county: incorporating New Boston, Wayne county; appropriating $25,000 to reimburse the military fund for expenses incurred during the milroad strikes of 1877; amending act 116 laws of 1875, conoernlng the reorganizaron of the military forcea; regulating to the duties of health officers in cities and villages; amending act 22, laws of 1875, concerning the adoption of children f rom the State public school; amending act 15, of 1875, relating to the primary schools; amending act 192, of 1875, as to the right to care for minor children in cases of separation between husband and wife; amending section 4834, Compiled Laws. concerning the appraisal of the catates of wards; amending section 4402, Compiled Laws, concerning the aporaiaal of estates of deceaeed persons; amending section 5182-4, Compiled Laws, regulating appeals from circuit courts in chancery; incorporating Unionville, Tuscola county ; amending section 2177, Compiled Laws, eoncerning the investment of marshals and deputies at fairs with pólice powers; amending section 7711, Compiled Laws, offering rewards for the detection of grave robbers. Tbe House passed the following, of which the first three have passed the Senate: Bill to amend the charter of Dowagiac; to legalize certain bonds of the township of Dentón, Roscom roon county; to amend the charter of Three Rivera; to amend the charter of Grand Rapids; to amend section S629, Compiled Laws, relatin to the primary schools. Messages were received from the Governor announcing his approval of the bill reorganizing judicial circuits; also, that the joint resolution for the relief of the Chicago and Lake Hnron Railroad had become a law without his ignature March 27.- The Senate passed the following bilis, of which the first one has not yet passed the House: to authorize the Township of Dun dee to settle with the sureties of its defaultmg Treasurer; to amend the charter of Dowagiac; to amend the act relativo to part paid Agricultural College aud salt spring lands; to amend the act for the organization of Union School District of the City of Flint. The House pas3ed the fellowing, of -which the first four have passed the Senate: authorizing Kalamazoo County to raise money by taxation to buy and improve grounds for an agricultnral fair; incorporating Midland City; to prevent the infection or foot rot in Bheep; to detach territory from Livingston, Otsego County, and to organize the town of Dover; making amendments to the law organizing School District of Rogers, Presque Me county; incorporating Grass Lake; ametding law of 1877, reorganizing West Bay City; amending section 1014 for the taxation of shares of national banks; requiring certain Btate officers to give bonds ; amending laws concerning the changing of the names of minors and adopted children; incorporating Orion. Maech 28.- The Senate passed the following bilis of which the first three have passed the House: Permitting East öaginaw to provide for the payment of certain bonded indebtedness: amending section 3321, Compiled Laws, relative to the incorporation of villages, incorporating Orion; incorporating Berrien Springs; ameneing section 3631, relating to primary schools ; amending section 5, act 166, of 1875, authorizing localities to raise by tax money to aid in the construction of railroads; for the examination, adjustment and allowance of claims against the estates of minors, insane and other persons where guardians are aipointed , amending the law relating to the inoorporation of villages. The House passed the following, of which the first one only has paBsed the Senate: grantine Wm. Butler, a patent for certain laads in Jackson county,to amend section 93 of act No. 220, session laws of 1875, relative to the military forces, asking Congress for an appropriation for a lighthouse at the mouth of Monistique River. March 29.- The Senate passed the following bilis, neither of which has passed the House: to amend the act to prevent the spread of Canada thistles ; to incorpórate Btate conventions of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. A resolntion was adopted instructing the Board uf State Auditors to adjust the accounts of Don C. Henderson. compiler i of the manual. House joint rcsolution asking Congress for coustruction of a lighthouBe at the mouth of Honistique River was taken from itB order and passed. The House passed the following, the first two of which have passed the Senate: Joint resoluton 6, asking Michigan Senators and Kepresentattves in Congress to opposc any law restricting the jurisdiction oL the United States courts; reiucorporatlng Vassar; to prevent the spread of the yellows in peach trees; amending section 5894 and 5906, Compiled Laws concerning the deposition of witnesses; umending the law for the formation of corporations to construct cauals, so as to apply to the Upper Península and the county of Branch; to incorpórate the Michigan State Medical Society ; amending section 2114, Compiled Laws, fr the punishment of trespasses upon cranberry marshes: to provide for executing and recording contracts for the sale of land. House bill 189, forbidding marriage by males under21 years or females under 18 years without the written consent of parents or guardians, was lost on its final passage ; yeas 26, nays 44. March 31.- The Senate passed the following bilis, of which the first five have passed the Hous: For the publication, stereotyping, printing and binding of the Supreme Court decinons; authorizing Sault Ste. Marie toborrow money to pay certain judgments; to fix pay oí members from the Upper Península; to incorpórate the Michigan State Medical ty; to prevent the spread of the yellows, a contagiouB disease among peach trees; amending the charter of Battle Creek ; amending section 4407, Compiled Laws, concerning the inventory and collection of the effects of deceased persons; amending section 4383,Compiled Laws, relating to special administrators; amending section 5093, Compiled laws relating to courts of chancery; amending act 157 of 1870, authorizing boards of supervisors to provide for the preservation of original section corners of surveys; adding a ncw section to chapter 153, Compiled Laws, relating to the interests which husbands may have in the estates of their deceased wives; amending act 196, law s of 1875, relating to dutieB of countv clerk, county treasurer and auditor general. The House passed only one bill, that for the incorporatfon of Charlevoix, which has not yet passed the Senate. The Governor announced his approval of the bilis to amend the charter of Pierson; to amend the act for layiug out a state road in Ontonagon and Houghton counties; to reorganize union school district of Flint. April 1. - The öenate passed the following bilis, the first two having previously paBsed the House: To amend the charter of Flint; to incorpórate the village of Charlevoix; to regúlate the sales of medicines and poisons. The Senate concurred in the House amend ■ ments to the bill changing the time of holding Michigan Central Kailroad elections. 'Ihe House passfei the following, 'of which the first bíx have pasted the Senate : Amending section 205, Compiled Laws, allowing the Governor to appoint an assistant secretary ; authorizing the Board of Health of Pentwater to remove a certain cemetery, immediate effect; amending the law incorporating the Michigan State Agrioultural Society; amending article 6, section 1, general railroad laws, concerning taxes ; to protect the settler on homestead lands in Oceana, Mason, Charlevoix, and Emmet counties; reincorporating Battle Creek; amending section 5894, concerning the depositions of witnesees in civil cases ; authorizing the private secretary of the Governor to sign commissions of notaries public; amending section 26, chapter 192, Compiled Law, relating to the levying of executions upon grain while growing or other unharvested crops; appropriatinp non-resident highway taxes to complete the Isabella and Cedar liiver State road. House bill 179, to regúlate the sale of intoxicating liquors and repeal the existing liquor tax laws, being in its details substantially thts "Maine Prohibitory Liquor Law," was repoited bv, the special committce on the liquor trame without other recommendation than that itbe piaced upon the general order. The bill was made the Bpecial order for Wednesday, April 16, at 7.80 p. m.


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