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DETROIT Throat 1 Lung Institute MERRILL BLOCK, corner of "Woodward and Jefferson aves., Detroit, Mich. M. Hilton Williams, M. D., Prop'r. Who personally receives patients at the Institute for the cure of all the vaii-ius diseaaes of tbeHead, Throat and Chest, and their complications, through the system of inhaïation, combiiied with proper internal treatinent. To those who have what they are pleased to cali 'lingering colds " we would say unhesitatingly, and if posaible with ft voice that would awaken all 'rom that pleasant delusion, that without prompt and earnest efforts in a rational and proper manner, many will aoonïollow those who have found rel asa !rom their suffering in that "sleep which knowa do waking." You have been conscious, but al most afraid to confesa thefact, and unwilling to admit it to yourselves that the slight irritation of the throat, the annoyance of nasal catarrh, the symptonj of a bronehial iniliimmation of a few weeks or montha ago, which you confidently believed would "wear oíft" has beconie íirmly established, and is most certainly, and by degrees, more or less rapidly, and with fatal precisión and unyielding gra-p, advancing to hopeleas consumption. You may object to and shrink from the frank statement by your medical adviaer ; you may deny the truthful convictlon which furces itself upon your observation and reason, but the plain fact, divested of flattering aasurances that can only cheat you of even Hfe itaelf , is that these throat di.seasen, the brouchial inflammations and other constitutional causes, are telling against you with unerring oertalnty, and the assuranees- so pleasant to the ear - that all wi.l ba well bye and bye, are the more delusive and cruel. You do not waut to stupefy the senses by opiates, nor take into the stoinach drugs that will forever destroy it stone and im pair its oiïïee. You do not want merely palliative treatment toconduct and lull you into faneied security '.o the very brink of the grave, font is neither reasonable nor just to youraelves, or those who regard your cases with trembling soticitude and painful anxiety. The chilly blasts and storms of advanced autumn, the inclement winter with its searcbing windsand atmosphere charged with moisture, have had their effect upon you- the great and rapid vlt-issitudes of spring, tliat, with the re-awakening of vegetable life, is peculïarly fatal to consumptives - these changes of seasons are now upon the invalid as wellas upon the robust, and it is wise to juat now stop and reflect upon the nature and progrea of your disease, and the remedial measures you have employed, and seriously to inquire if there is a way open to you by which you may escape the dang-er which isimnending. We aay, without heaitation, that thegreater number of pulnionary diseases can be cured. We need not dilate upon theories while we are able to present living evidences of the efficacy of judicious medication in a class of cases so long and persistently pronounced hopeless. Inhalations are applicable in all diseasea of the respiratory organs, including catarrb, throat diseases, asthma, bronchitis, eonsnmption ; and thousands of cases can becured by thia mode of treatment when nothing else can reach them. Those who desire to consult me in regard to their cases had better cali at the office fur an examination, but if imposeible to visit theoih'ce personally, may write ior " I-ist of Queations," and circular, both of which will be sent free of charge. Addreis M. HIIL'ON WILLIAMS, M. D., Merkill Block, Detroit, Mich. GBAY'S SPKCIFIC MEDICINE. TRADE MARK.The Great K„. TK APE MK. "Tg "& tjr i " ■ il Wm&w t r ' rn' 1-: elt Abuse; aa -33K ijetore lamngLoss of Memory, fter Taking. Univeral Lassitudc, Pain in the Back, Dimness of Vision, Premature Oíd Age, and many other diseaseathat lead to lnsnnity, Consumption and a Prsmatnre Grave. #= Full particulars in our pampblets, which we desire to send free by mail to every one. The Specifle Medicine is sold by all Pruggist at $1 per package, or six paekages for $5, or will be sent by mail on receipt of the money hy addressing THE URAY MEDICINE CO.. No 10 Mechamos' Block, Detroit Mich. J-Sold in Ann Arbor by all Druggists, and by drugtists everywhere ■'TIBEATOR' THE ORIGINAL & ONLY GENUINE Vibrator" Threshers, WITII IMTOOVED MOUNTED HORSE POWER8, And Steam Thresher liiitfinea, Uado only by NIGHOLS, SHEPARD & G0.9 BATTI-E ('REEK, MICH. THE Mntchless Cïrain-Savinar Time I baving, an.i MoiieySavins ThresherB ot itils r"y aut 1 eeneration. lïeyond all Rlvalry for Bapid Woik, Pel feet Oleauiug, and for Saving Orain froin Waatage. GUAIN Raisers vrlll not Subinït to tho enormmis wastageof Grnin & Inicrlorwon dotiu by tüo ottter machines, when once poulcdou tb differenca. THE ENTÏKK Tfareshins Expense (jtnd ottt-D S to 5 Times t;it riiioiuiIi eau b.i inmle hf tbe Extra Graiu ÖAVKD by thene liuprovud Haciiln, N0 Revolví njr Shafte Inside tbe Separnlor. Kntirely fro from Boaiera, l'ickerü. K;utillcf and all such time-waBting and Knuu-Wüniiu? compllratioiiB. Perfer-tly adfipted to all Kfniisaud ComUtSouaof 0 ia i n, Wet or Dry, Long or Short, Headed or Bouod. NOT only Vastly Superior fov Whent, Üats, Bal ley, Kyef and like üniina, Imt (lio oxlï buo ceRRfDl Thresher in Flax, Tlmothy, Mlllet, Ctorer, aod 1'Iei' Si'.'lU. Kequlrcnno " attaebmeuta" or " rebuildlnj ' tü cinuige froni tiraiu to Stede. MARVEIiOTJS for Slmplicity of Parts onnC K'xs tlian one-half tliu iiauul Belta aud Ueara. iJH.Uit.-3 uo Litltiriuya or Scatteriogg. rOUlt Sizes of Separators Made, rane lux lrom stx to Twelve llorse aize, and two ■tylco( 1 jluuutfd Hoi se Powera to match. STEAM Power Threshers a Speclalty A mciul siiu iiejMirutui' uiado expreaaly lor bieaiu Power. Orit Unrivaled Steam Threstier EniincH, vilh Valnable IiupruvetnetH mul DimiocltT ft ■.iLiu-eh, far beyond auy otlier wake or kind. (X Thorough WorhmnnBhip, Elecrnot PiBlah, rrtciu..n of Parts, OompUtenea of Kquipnieut, etc, our "VmiiArott" Threslii-r Uutllt me incoiupuribU. POR PartlcnlarSi cali on onr Dealera f or wrlte to ui for IllustraUd Circular, wltich wu umil fr WTTTTAWTfBTn. IBflffVRIStnl (Ot tbc 1U rm of Beid lauVlClVlVl ifl Hills. Succesiorto wid finn fal STttl A il Wholesale A Hetall rta Li IB IUU FBKNCH & AMERICAN n ■ WVCI Window Glass, Piale Clin ■ m ■ % 1 1 Ribbcd and Boagh PIiup for I"J m A Ai Sky Ligbts, Cat nd KnamRffflnnrSViKit eled ;ins9, Sllver PlatI ƒ lij J y - l J I Sash Bars, Prench and Ger IMáApaVPQVP4M9l man Looking Glaai PlatM, lrll SW.TWJ mtll Lead and 011, Colon, PuttJ, lj?" ■■■"! poiatir, etc. IS ft 14 Congreu St. East, Detroit, Mich. m d S2TRACT M Sarsaparillal lacsnowleae1 to be the test and motfl xeliiiblc preparatijn now prepareü lot LIVER COMPLAINT ,1 And for Puiif7ïng Uie Blood. c. I Thia t)reparatIon '8 ooropminSed with grestB oftre, irointhe beet selected Honduras Sarsaparilla, Yellow Doek, Stillingia Dandelion, Wild Cherry, and other Valuable Eemedies. Prepared only fcy 1. JOHNSTOlf & CO Chemist & Druggists, ■161 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich' Bold by all Druggists.


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