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ö IA lili AVJJÜiiNUÏ. i :OUNTIES OF HILLSDALE, BRANCIÍ, AND 8T. JOSEPH. To Friends in ihe ahovc Counties : Application lias been mnde to us for n erisitfrom Messrs. Treadwell and Bibb. t has been staied lhat at the period of heir former visit, local circunistances revenled a full attendance, and that Mr. 3ibb was incapacitatedby the fatigue of üsjourney, and number of appointments, rom doing full jusiice to himself and to ho Cause; and requests havo been pre;ented for a revisit from theso gentlemen, , inder promise cf o great county gathering '■ xnd a liberal conlribution to tho unavoidible expenses wo and they incur. We are anxious to do all in our power :o meet the wishes of friends, and in this instance shall do so, under the following irrangementö lst. That friends in each county take immedtate rneasures to get up a Great Mass County Meeting: to assemble at 10 o'clock in the morning, again at halfpast one o'clock, andalso in theevening: so as to have three sessions. Messrs. Treadwell and Bibb will be present at each. We will also send you one other good speaker, and you can invite, in addition any gentlemen you please. You also possess abundance of homo talent, and thus each county can get up a meet ing of unrivalled interest and attraction, at the same time it may make its county nominations. 2d. That friends will coutribute freely to sustain the men, and the measures of the present eflbrt. Under the faith then of your doing ycur part, we make the following appointments. Hillsdai.e County. At Hillsdale, Tuesday 22d, September, 1846. BllAXCIl COUNTV. At Coldwater, Friday, 25th September, 1846. St. Josrph County. At Centrevillc, Tuesday, 29th September, 1840. Each Convention to commence at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and to continue during nfternoon and evening. Let friends in each County immediately get notices printed and circulated of ihe above Mass Conventions. Let them also bc sure to altend. Work or no work on the farm, there ia work in the field oí duty. Let each one, then, harness up his team, and bring alor.g his family, and neighbors. lt will be ihe last and only tportunity to hear Bibbs' narrative, as will probably loave the Stato after ovember. & C. H. STEWART, L Cha'n. State Cen.Com. C Detroit, Sept. 1, 1846. At each meeting documenta A'ill be J. aced in the hands of the Town Chairan, who have reponed toC. H. Stewart, t r gratuitouscirculation. Ra