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Joe. Jeffferson's Fence

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The renowned comedian and impersonator of Rip Van "VVinkle; has been trying his hand at fence building on his orange plantation in Louisiana. A local paper says : Mr. Jefferson has been actively engaged vin applying to practice a cherished theory- that every country possesses suflicient material for its own fences. He set to work to prove it by erecting for each side of his fence sods three feet in width divided into five layers, at an angle of 75 deg. The soil from beneath the sod exactly filis the space between the erected sods, leaving a three foot ditch on each side. On the top of this sod-and-soil fence, which is four-and-a-half feet at the base and three feet high, he plants cuttings of the Macaïtney rose, which are protected by a panel of boards. This fence, while within the reach of any man who will shoulder his spade and work, possesses the advantages of an impassable barrier, of permanence, of not needing repairs, or drainage, and of being a most beautiful ornament. Mr. Jefferson will soon have inclosed a section of his plantation containing 2,600 acres, and at one-half the cost of a stakfi fence. Without belng over sanguine as to its rapid adoption, we feel safe in saying that it is the most económica! and useful fence in the Southern States, and destined to come into general use.


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