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O;r rtíaduis will bur us uut iu tho glutcmerrt thaL, ülthough we donotclaim to bu a prophet nor the ton of prophet, ictüí we havo prodicted who tho uouiinees for l'iesident would bo ia the canvass iioxt year with con&iderably accuracy, if corivborating ovidouuu of our mutropolitan cotemporary is worth uuythiug. TIn: N. Y. Times, onu day last weuk pubiished thirty-twu coluuinsof corruspoudeuce froiu 170 diffurent poiuts oovering evury Ütate iu ths Uuiou, ahowing the prafereuces of Detnoorats and Kepublioaus iu respuct tü tho caiididateaiu 1880The report for the Republicana were from 157 distriots, iu 130 of which Grant was the faTorite, In olevun Blaine, and reraiiiniDg sixteen wcro divided among "Wushburne, Conkling, Garfield and Shurmau. Grant is the favorite of the Kepublicans in nearly every State. The South ra entbcsiastie foi him. XTpon tho other side, says tbis paper the drifi, of sentiment is atongly toward ïiiden. New Ifoik State, although the Duniocrats are not yet solid and enthusiastic forhrin - to aummarize from the statements - he.js the first cjhoioe in stxteen of eigbteen districts eovered by the Times' inquines. In one district Bayard is the favorite, and in oue other opinión ia not dccided for any candidate. The other States which are reported as presenting Tilden as thoir fiist cnoice are all of tho New England States, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, California, and Kentucky. Ohio f a vors Thurman, but feols that Tilden is more available, and Indiana, with Hendricks as first choioe, will support Tilden witli enthusiastn. Delawaro supports Bayard, and that gentleman has considerable strength in tho Southern Statos, though Thurman is generally the favorite, and Hendricks is mentioned ia some quarters. Georgia and Mississippi believe that Tilden will be nominated, and will support him. On the whole the Times finds Tilden the favorite in ninety-nine districts, Thurman in twonty-threo and Bayard iu etaven. The Times says that were the Eepublican National Convention to be held at once, Grant would receive the vote of every State but Maine, Nevada and Orgon, and possibly California. Apropos of the grand schema of induciug a quarter million uneasy black men frorn the south to move into New York, Ohio and Indiana in timo to beoome citizens and voters, and thereby niake them safe beyond a doubt Eepub lican states in 1880, Butler declares that the inevitable result of such a proceeding would bo to render thoso states democratie beyond a doubt. ïhis would be done by the votes of workingmen ■4io would be roused to an intense hostility against the party which importad uch a throng to competo with them in an already overstocked market. The feeling would be as bitter as that now existing in California against the Chinese. Peoplö who do not sympathize .iííi t1'0 anti-Chinese sentiment would elves. The bust placo to have a boil is on another man. Aa the outoomo of the Vanderbiltwill contest, the daughters of the late Horace Greeley have reec-ived $49,000 and interest, aggregating $71,000, money lcnt by Greeley to Corneliua Jr. Although the eider Vanderbilt said to Greeley he would never pay a dollar of hia son's indebtednoss, yet, his son William has done a grateful act. The inrestment, poor at thé time, turns out to hare been the best the great editor ever made. Tho Republicana of Kentuoky went through the motions óf a state convention oue day last week and were as enthusiastic as if their motions meant soraething, and ton times moro radical. They are in suoh a hopeless miuority that it makos little diffuronce whether they are radical or not, and the stalwartest of the stalwarts oau freely oxpress himself without the least danger to the party. Anothor inember of tho gang that Helped stoal Florida for Hayes has come to grief. L. Q. Dermis, the " Little Giant of Alachua," has been found guilty of perjury at Gainesville, Florida, in having sworn falsely, in voting, that he was a citizen of the State and county.Hayes shöald vindioato Dennis by giving him a foreign miasion, or somethinaof that Bort. B Pred Douglass, reien-in g to the exodus of bouthern negroos to Kansas, suggests that "in Kansas they will have to suffer the severe cold winter, which will kill them off fash,r tlmn the rifle clubs of the South." He thinks they are better off to stay where they are, than to ny to evils they know not of. The manner in which the Democratie strongholds in Ohio have been captured at the recent municipal ulections by the enemy removes Thürman from the list of Presidential nominees. II0 will more than before, regard the risk of running for Governor uext autumn as extra hazardous. ' The soíret is out saya. Chicago paper Andrew D. Whito was made Minister to Berlm beoause ho beloaged to the famous Yale classof 185:5 (Mr.Evarts' class) every other member of trliich, it i, reported, had prcviousiy been provided with a good fat office. .V Pènnsyrvania Deruocratu are moving I for Hancock in 'SO. Tha Democratie party want no military toan for a canchdate. Thoir campaiga . next year Bhüuld be the reverso, an appeal to the people for rule by a civilían and nottho wpresentative of epau-letted centiemfin General Gvant ixpccted toarrive at San Francisco, ïn the stcamship City c f Peking, abaut Juno 1. ïho ., 8tahvai.t3.. re making great preparations to inaug-irate his Prenden tial cmpaign the winont ho touches fooi on American soil.


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