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Peremptorily Declines

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Tammauy and ilsrepregentativetiltava been loüking over the Etnpiro btato to iind a man uround whuin ït cuuld rally for Governor, for tho )nrfoao uf headiug off tba Tilden luovtuuent, which meüiis tbu re -noiuinatiun of Gov. Robinaou aud the eecuring of the state orgunization to aid Mr. Tüden in eecuriug tlie oaudidocy iu 1880. Naturally, their eyea turned toward Gov. Seyruour, than whom no ieub in in higher übtoem by tho Demócrata of tbis stato, indeed we tnight s.iy, of the union. - Upou him all fi,ctious could units, and hoartily, too. But, unfortunatoly for auti-Tildou Dcmocrats, Gov. Soyiacur peremptorily deoliues to bo used as the ïnntrumonttoacoomplish their purposes. ,Their eöorts have couie we said they would in au editorial in the lust issue of this paper. Knowing that he was close to three score and tea in 'life, added to the faot of a declination in 1876, whcn a uotnination was equivalent to oleetion, we believed no induce ment could draw hita from tho retirenient of his farm. The oxcitement of a gubernatorial eampaign, to say nothing of a national contest- which Jatter was the ulterior design - would out short an otherwise pleasant carear, and Grcoley-like, he would go down to a premature grave. His health is now precarious, as will be obsorvod from the folio wing excerpt taken from an Albany paper interviewer; I have said before that it 19 unploasant togo about declining ofiieos, but I am forped by the persistency of my uuvU,j friends to do something still more uiipleasant - to proclaim mv nhvital infirniities. My health is in a very precarious state. It is an etnpty coinpliment to teil me tbat I look well. I know unfortunately, that I do not feel welL I am wholly incapable of pro tracted exertion of any sort. An aniimited conversation will sometimos flush my facü and givu me, perhaps, the anpearance of strength ; but that is usunlly followtíd by a reaction, uuder whioh I am oi'ten obliged to keep my room for days together. I otiunot write, exoept at rare intervals and for short periods. It is unspeakably distasteful to me to advertise my sickness, but it seeins necessary in order that somo of my friends raay understand what I mean when I say that I could not accept an office under any circumstances. It would be an act of imraorality forme to run for Governor, for I am not capable of discharging the duties, and the effort wWtild hasteu my death. After this frank avowal, I hope to berelieved from the opportunitiea of over-zealous frioads. The Cincinnati Bepublicans are in " a peok of trouble." They have elected thoir candidate for Mayor only to find that ho is not a oitizen, or that if he is he is unablo to show when and how hu booaine such. Aa if we were not now sufficiently afflicted, Mrs. Oliver has entered the loc ture field. What an earnest reoeption she would meet with at the hands of Ann Arbor students. Ex-Cong.Willard of the Battle Creek Journal, the ablest leader of the Nationals of Michigan predicts that party will not hold another state couvention. There being no constitutional limit to the length of tho legislature of this state, Lansing would be happy to have U '■"nfni"jJir.Cfflg,thejsS; - Sohnyler Colfax and wife are in Florida. - Casdinal McCloskey's N. Y. residence brought $60,000. - Vanderbilt's residonce now building will cost over $1,000,000. - Robert Bonner paya a voterinary aurgeon $1,500 a year to see to the health of his horses. -Dr. McCosh, president of Princeton college, has just been made a citizen of the United States. - There are 4,000 female postmastors in the United States, and the number is steadüy iucroasing. - General Fitz John Porter, Batisfied with vindioation, refuses the $90,000 back pay due him. -The late Volney Hasoall, of Kalamazoo, willed 000 to the ladies library association of that place. -Gen. Eichard Taylor of the Confedérate arm y son of ex-Pres. Taylor, died at JN. Y. city, Saturday. -Madame. Bonaparte's death was promptly oabled to tho ex-Empress Eugenie as one of the faniily. - Corneel Vauderbilt, with those extra hundreds of tKousands of dollars in Lis pocket, has deoided to loaf a few years in EuroDe. -Col. jRübwt Ingersoll proposes to give $1,000 down and half his incomo for the next fivo years in aid of negro emigration to the west. - Tho socialist ticket in Chicago, which polled 10,000 votes and elected I thrce councilmen, did not have a single nativeborn American on it. -General liawley is to be the orator at the annual meeting of the Society of mo Army oí tha Potoinae, which will meet on the 18th of June at Albany N. Y. - One hundred Euglieh farmers go into bankruptcy every week on account of the importation into England of I American beef, saya a high Engliah authority. - Chesícr nuil, who died the other day, besides boing the author of tho Kearney platform and speeches, was alao the original projector of the Cardiff giant fraud. - Johu Bowen, a Becond hand dealer in furniture on Michigan avenue in Detroit was the other day presented by Mrs. B. with tho seeond pair of twins iu eleven months. -Samuel B. Kent of Oherry Creek CUatitauque Co., N. T., was found dead in bed at a Jackson hotel, Saturday, whilo on his way north to oollaot interest due on mortgages. j - beventeen Battle Croóle ooiloge students voted at the last olection, and created considerable foeling aniong the candidates, as they gave 11 majority to a candidate who would otherwise havo been beaten. - Tho Michigan Central Eailroad Company has just jaid to the state its speoifio taxes tor the paat year, which aiaounteiï, on the main line to i?134,08320- interest on same, $1,877 16, and on the Grand, Eiver Valley route, $14,934 - interest on same, $209 04. Total iUJl.lOÜ 10.


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