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- O. L. Müthewí, law '78, expccts to lócate either in thia or an adjoining cuunty. -Mr. G. F. Weeks, law '80, willspend the coming vacation in the office of Judge Cooley. - William Eobert Edgar, a gradúate of the law rlepartiueut, class '71, died at Hutchinsou, Kansas, Maroh 8. - John R. Bussell, of Detroit, of the senior class of the Uuiversity, was on Saturday elected a Chronicle oditor, vice W. F. Bryan, resigned. - Gilinore's Band received from the Student's Lecture Assoeiatiou f 100. - Nothing wHslost frooi the entertainment as the association cleareri expenses. - Frank Garrison, of the class of '78, died suddeuly in Albany a few daye 8Ínce. Tliis is the second death in this class sinco the June commenccment. - The Treasury Department is taking steps, to ascertain the facts in relatiori o the ownership of the Beal-Steere lection, with a view to deterraining whether it was entitled to entry duty free. - Out of 300 patients that have boen treated in the hospital since October only two cases of death have been recorded. This is all the moro flattering hs many of t'ae patients sent here are suchas have beeu disposed of by the pliysieians who sent them. - We have reeently receivednumerous and fiattering sohcitations from oar "hosts of fiicnds" to go down to Ann Arhor as a Regent. But we have concludud ujiuii ï etiuti, and a {jood deal of it too, thit. as uur health is indifferent, and there is an unpleasant squabble over University matters, and also for several reasons, we wjll not undertake thosie arduoii8 duties just at present. Butovir frinds are entitled to onr most cordial thnnks, all the same. - Oeo. Sanford in Lansing Journal. - The Ktudents' Athletic Association has bten incorporated, the period of incorporation being tbirty jears. Th! artioles provide that all oioneys raiseci by douatiou or fees sball bo paid to and kept bj' Johnson W. Knight, Cashier ol' the First National Bank. The whole management of the funds thus raised ia to be placed in the hands of a Board of Directors, to consist of the following: President Angelí, Judge Cooley, Dr. Palmer, deán of the Medical Paculty, Prof. Moses Cuit Tyler, ex-Gov. Felch and ex Grov. Bagley. - Psi Upsilon Society of the Univer3ity has completed negotiations forasito for a temple. The land is situatod directly opposite the south-west corner of the Campus, ou State St., and is one of the mest available in the city. It is said to have cost $2,500. Work on the temple of the Delta Kappa Epsilom Society has commenced, and the building will probably be ready for ocoupancy b comnienconient time, when a grand re union of the society will take place, anc the building be dedioated. - JSTot tnany days ago Dr. Stowell, o the physiologioal laboratory of the Uuiversity, received some specimens of a cliild's tnuscle with the request that bo examine theui for trichina. The chüc was a girl about o 1-2 yoars old anc livod in Iouia. Siie died after an illncss of six weeks. Doctor Barnes, of that place, who diagnosed the oase, thouglH that these were symptoma of trichina and the specimens were accordingly sent to Ann Arbor for examination. Dr Stowell found two small pieces ol muscle suspected of containing trichina, and aftor soaking them in distilled water for twelve hours heexamined them with a three-quarter inch objective, wben he readily found the parasites, which were numerous and plain to be seen.


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