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Real Estate Transfers

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FOB W.BHKEfliDÏNG SATURDAY. - QUIXCLAI5I. Warren W. Cadwell to Jas. H. Perry. Land in JL,odi tor 800. Maria Haviland to Jas. H. Perry. Land in Lodi for $1. Araos Wilbur to Ward Wilbur. 20 acres in Superior lor $1. Chas Braun to John JM. Braun. Land in Northfiuld and Ann Arbor townships f..r $1. John M. Braun to Cbarlea Braun. Land in Au ii Arbor for $1. Same to Saine. Land in Ann Arbor for $1. living Corbett to Diaaa Wheaton. - Ltnd in Sájum for $b'OO. C. M.B mriek to Ida M. Emerick. - Land in Ypsflant) city for $3,000. WAIiRANTY. Lf wis Fritz to Adaulph Hoffstetter.Lknd in Ann Arbor for $800. W. M. Sinith to Geo. M. Voorhees.- Land in Ypsilanti city for f3,060. Joo. W. Thompson to Margaret Bailcy. Lmd in Ann Arbor for $1,100. Leonard C. liodman to Win. W. Col by. 40 acres in Lima for $1,50". Jonathan Drake to Elizabeth P. Baldwïn. Land in Ann Arbor for $'3Ü0. Michael Kalambach to Chrintopher Bcuter. 10 acres in Sylvan for $500. Caroline Phillips to Thomas J. Dans. City lot in Ypsilanti for $350. B. H. Bates toEmma J. Hatch. Land in Sylvan tor 8,000i Emuua J. Hatuh to Charles H. Kernpf. L ind in Sylvan for $2,100. Abram Wallace to Peter Schneider. - 40 acres in Lodi for f 2,000. Li!vi Deake to David Deake. Land in Salem for $1,050. Jesse to Jefferson Lindsey. 1 ere in Saline for $150. Jno. Kellogg to Austin F. Traoy. - Land ia EUtsfittld for $;j,540. Jacob H. Williauis to C. M. Emerick. 5 12 acres in Ypsilauti city for $2 500. Wrn. Easlick to Catherine M. Rhodes. 28-100 acres in Saline village for $150. Levi C. Burhaus to Albert F Vannata. 40 acres in Northfield for $2,500.