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The Ladies' Library

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Tlio auuuul meeting of the Ladies' Library Asaoeiition was held in the new library room on Monday atternoon. - thirty-two members were present. The Treasurer's report was as follows: RCEIFTS. April S, 1S7S, cask on hand $ j0 I5 Frtotn memfeorslilps 51 00 annuál tiix lor 1S79 io 00 " " iSSo 7 00 " entertaihraénts 150 2S " unes.. 2j m . -sato ol palalog ues 6 35 " interest on bond and note 39 po " donaüons 10 50 Total Slöy 46 DISBÚRSLMKNT$. For ïibrarians' srxkir' $ -io 00 " feat 5000 " in . anee 1000 " bóoks and sUttjonery 1S5 56 11 prinlin and Winding 5S 70 " expenses at nuiv room and moving jy 28 " expenses of cntcilainmcnts 44 So " wood and r;ui;li;f ]■ " box riiiit and po.sUc 1 00 " jWitot 3 75 Total $446 00 Cash on hand go4 52 The librarian's report stated tb at 120 volumes had been uddod to the library during theyear, making the whole number 2,040,one-thircï of which is fiction. Four thousand two hundred aad iifteen books have been oirculated during the past twelvfi months, and seven hundred magazines. Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Douglas, and Mrs. Ten Brook were re-elocted members of the Board. Mrs. Dr. Prescott was elected in place of Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Cyrus Lewis iu place of Mrs. Soott. Mrs. Adams was re-elected President. Mrs. Ten Brook, Vice-President, Mrs. Jaycox, Treasurer, and Mrs. D'Ooge, Secretary.


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