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Ann Arbor City Markets

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Carefully Eevised Weekly by the PuMfafwr. Ann ArBor, April 17. Wheat has declined one cent per bushei owing t decline in markets abroad. Potatoes grow scarce and groeers ro without them the larger rortion o the time. Apples - Green, wanted at 35c. Dried, wante 2Ua3c. lieans- Wanted at 75a$l. CalfsRins- i)c. Kip 7c. Clovcr Seed- $3.30a33.20. Corn- Shelled30c; ear 18a20c. Furs- Skunk 15c to $1.00; fox 20a$l ; coon li 70c ; rat 5al3c. Hides - bVñ green ; cnred 6%a7. Hogs- $4. Maple sugar 12c. Oats- 25c. Pelts- 25a81,50. Potatnes - Not plenty and wanted at 65a7O. T'ouUry- Chickcns 8, turkics 10, fowl "c. Tallow- 5c. X i mo thy SeI- . 1 .35a$1.45. Wheat- JBa97c new ; old$ln$l,C3. EETAIL KATliB. Apples - Green, 45aö0c. Beans - 5t: per quart. Bran - (iOcts per hundred. Butter- 15c. Cïabbago- 8al0c. Oheese- 12c. Clover Seed- $4. Poru- 25c ear ; shelled 50c. Cnrn Meal- Oarse $1 ; 81.75 bolted. Cranberries- 10c per quart. Eggs- 10c. Muur- $5-$5.50. Patent $8 per barrel. (ircnind Feed - 31 per hundred or $16 per ton. Hams - öupar cured 10c. lloininp- -ie per lb. Honey- 15a20e. Lard - 8c. Maple sugar 15c. Oats- 80e. Oalineal - 4c. Potatoes - 80c. Pork- frish 6a8c; salt 8al0o. Salt- OnondagaS1.35. Rlioulders - 7c. Tallow- c. Timolhy Seed- $l,50a$1.75.


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