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1. AU teachers einployed at public expense must be qualified within the meaning of the law by holding proper certificates. This requirement applies to assistant teachers as well as to principáis. In a district employing several teachers, if one should fail to have a valid certifícate of qualiflcation the claim of the district to a share in public school moneys is invalidated. 2. A teacher can not claim pay f or holidays that ocenr in the midst of vacation ; but if school is taught up to and including the last school-day preceding a holiday, and resumed immediately after such lioliday, no deduction from the teacher's wages can be made for such holiday observed. 3. When a district at a special meeting rescinds a vote taken at the annual meeting, as to sex of teacher or length of school, the district has no authority to vote f urther in the matter, but such qnestions then fall into the full control of the district board, and it can do as to it seems best, just as though no vote had ever been taken by the district. (Sec. 25, school law.)


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