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Education is what is needed by all classes, but now we are talking of education for the farmers and for the sons and daughters of farmers. Last week we pointed out the object of the Agricultural College as we believe it to be, and that object is expressed by this word education. Is +here such a thing as AGKICULTURAL EDUCATION, AND WHAT IS IT? S. H. Carpenter, LL. D. of the University of Wisconsin, furnishes the following answer to the question: "What brain culture will best fit the farmer for his calling?" I. Every farmer is a man, and needs to know : 1. What man is- Mental Philosophy. 2. What men have done - History. 3. What men are doing - Language and Literature. II. Every farmer is a citizen and needs to know : 1. The duties of citizens (a) Towards each other - Moral Philosophy. (b) Towards government- Constitution, etc. 2. How to express his views - Rhetoric. 3. How to defend his views - Logic. III. The business of the farmer is - (a) To improve natural resources by- 1. Properly subdividing farm- Surpeying. 2. Drainage - Civil engineering 3. Building - Civil engineering. 4. Properly usiag and caring for cmnery - Mechanica, including geometry and trigonometry. 5. Properly breeding stock - Practical Agriculture. (6) To develop to maturity two classes of germs : 1. Vegetable - Botany. 2. Animal - Zoology. His means are- 1. Soil - Chemistry and geology. 2. Atmosphere and chemical force - Physics and Astronomy. 3. Vital f orces : (a) Vegetable - Botany. (6) Animal - Animal Physiology. Every farmer is a business man, and needs to know - 1. Commercial laws - Political omy. 2. Commercial operations - Mathematics and book-keeping. Now these are all taught at the Agricultural College and for this reason it is a general educational institution touching the great mass of the people and the great interest of the people, and therefore should be sustained.


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