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Agricultural Statistics

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The following are the material sections in the amended law for the collection of agricultural statistics : Sec. 1. That it shall be the duty of the supervisor of each towtiship and ward, and assessor of each assessment district, at the time of taking a list of the taxable property, or between the first Monday of April and the third Monday of May in each year, to ascertain and set down in a table prepared for that purpose, the number of acres of improyed land and the number of acres of improved land in each farm ; the number of acres sown with wheat then on the ground; the number of acres and the number of bushels each of corn, wheat, oats, clover seed, barley peas and potatoes raised and the number of acres, and the number of tons of hay cut the preceding year, the number of pounds of wool, and the number of sheep sheared the preceding year ; the number each of horses, cattle [other than milch cows,] sheep and hogs six months old and over, the number of milch cows, the number of acres of apple trees, and the number of acres of peach trees, and the number of bushels each of apples and peaches sold the preceding year; number of bushels of small fruits sold, and lbs. of grapes sold the preceding year ; and it shall be the duty of each Supervisor and Assessor to f orward the said tabuular statement to the Secretary of State on or before the tirst day of June next thereaf ter, offlcially certified to as being correct and true according to nis best knowledge and belief. Sec. 2. The Secretary of State shall cause an abstract of said information to be presented to the Governor on the iirst day of August, or as soon thereafter as practicable, showing for each town the number of acres of improved land, and the number of acres of unimproved land in farms; the number of each class of live stock and the number of acres of each erop to each one hundred acres of improved land. Three new sections have been added, directing the Secretary of State to forward the requisito blanks; lixing penalties for the neglect of Supervisors to comply with the law, and directing Prosecuting Attorneys to commence suit in case of such neglect.


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