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DETROIT ThroatiLunglnstitute MERKILT, BLOCK, comer of Woodward and Jefferson aves., Detroit, Mlch. M. Hilton Williama, M. D., Prop'r, Who pcrsonally receives patients at the Insti. tute for the cure of all the varlous diseaaei of thjB Head, Throat and Chest, and their complications, through the system f inhalation, combined "with proper internal treatment. To thosc who have wliat they are pleasud to cali ' lingering colds " we would say unhesitatlngly and íf possible with a voice tbat would awaken alí (rom that pleasant delusion, that without prompt and earnest efforts in a rational and proper manner many will soon follow those who have found release from their sufferiug in that " sleep whieh knows 110 waking." fcfYou have been eonsciou, but almost afraid to confess the fact, and unwilling to admit it tu yourselves that the slight rritation of the throat, the aiinoyance of nasal catarrh, the symptoma of a bronchial inflammation of a few week or monthi ago, which you confidently believed would " weir off," hasfbecome flrmly cstablished, and is most certainly, and bydegreea. more or lesa rapidly, and with fatal precisión and unyieUHng grap, advancing to hopoless consumption. You may object to and shrink from the frank statement by your medical adviser ; you may deny the truthful conviction which iorces itself upoL your observation and reason, but the plain fact, divested of fiattering aasurances that can only cheat you of even life itself is that these throat diseases. the bronchial inflammations and other constitutional causes, are telling against you with unerring certainty, and the assurances- ao pleasaut to tbc ear- that all wiil ht well bye and bye, are the more delusive and cruel You do not want lo stupefy the senses by opiates, nor take into the stoinach drugs that will forever destroy it stone and impairit office. You do not want merely palliative treatment to conduct and lull you into fancied security to the very brink of the grave, font is neither reasonable nor just to yourselves, or those who regard your case with treiubling4 soMcitude and painful anxiety. The chilly blasts and storma of advanced autumn, tho inclement winter with its searching winds and atmosphere charged with moisture, have had their effect upon you- the great and rapid vlcissitudesof spring, that, with the re-awakening of vegetable life, is peculiarly fatal to consumptives- these changes of seasons are now upon the invalid as well as upon the robust, and it is wise to just now stop and reflect upon the nature and progresa of your disease, and the remedial measures you have employed, and seriously to inquire if there II a way open to you by which you may escape the danger whioh isinipcnding. "We say, without hesitation, that the greater number of pulmonary diseases can be eured. We need not dilate upon theories while we arü able to present living evidences of the efficacy of judicious niedication in a class of cases so long and persistently pronounced hopeless. Inhalations are applicable in all diseases of the respiratory organs, including catarrh, throat diseases, asthma, bronchitis, consumption ; and thousands of cases can becured by this mode of treatment when notbing else can reach theni. Those wrA desire to consult me in regard to their :ases had better cali at the office for an exainination, but if imrjossible to visit the office personally may write lor " List of Queations," and circular both of which will be sent free of charge. Address' M. HILTON WILLIAMS, M. D., Merkill Block. Detroit, Mich. GBAY'S SPECIFIC MEDICINE. T-Ar-ARK.TheGreatEn TRACE MARK. BefbreTakmgESISS Univeral Laasitude, Pain in the Back, Dimneas of Vision, Premature OW Age, and many other diae uses that lead to Insanity, Consamption and a Prematnre Grave. Full partlculars in our pampblets, which we desire to send free by mail to every one The Speciflc Medicine is Bold by all Druggists at $1 per package, or six packages for 5, or will be sent by mail on receipt of the money by addressinif THE UKAY MEDICINE CO., No 10 Mechanics' Block, Detroit Mich. i-Sold in Ann Arbor by all Druggiats, and by druggists every where s NICH0LS,SHEPARD4C0., il Battlo Creok, Mu'h. lt ORIGINAL. AND ONLY GENUINE VIBRATOR f THBESHING MACHIWERY. ' IfflHE Miitehloss Grain-SavJiiEr, Tlme-Saring, Jm and Money-Saving Thivjhers ofthls da; and genration. Beyond all rivalry ftT Rapid M'urk. Perfect Cleaolo, " and for Saving Graln from IPaxtage, 1 OTEAM Power Th ren ben a SpeciaUy. Special 1 3 sizea of Separators niado expressly for Steam Power. ' ftrR UnrWaled Steam Thresher Ënglnet, . %0 both Portable acl Traction, with Valuable ImproTl L mt-nts, far bevond any othor make or kind. THE ENTIRK Tlireshing Exprnsps (and often three to flve tínica that amount) can be made hj tb Extra Grain SA VED by these Improved Machinen. LItAIN Uiiisprs v.ill not rtubinit to the enor% moua vastago oí fírain and the Inferior work dona by all other machines, wheo once posted on the dift'erence. NOT Only Tastly Superior for Wheat. Oats. Barley, Rye. and fiko Grains, but the Ovlt SuecescI ful Thresher in Flax, Tiraothy, JlUIet, Clover, and Uk Sceds. Requires uo "attachments" or "rebuUding" to ehange from Grain to Reeds. IN Thnroiizh Workmnnfhip, Eie&rnnt Flnlfih, Perfection of Part. Completeiiess of Kquipment, etc., our " Vibrator m Thresher Outlits are locomiifirable. TMTARVELOrs ftr SimpMcIly of Parts, using ATA less thanone-hnlf the usual llelts and Gears UakM Clean Work, with iio Lttterlnca r ScaUertogg, FOÏIR Sizes of Separators Mads Ranging from Six sizc, and twostylei ofMouoted Horse Powcrs to ïnntch. rOR Particiilarn, Cali on our Dealers or write to ua fyr Uhistated Circular, which wamali tr-, ■ WIILIAMREID, IB&y f MU 3 nT WI (Of thnlate firin Of Heil L SQk A mÊmWjt Á Jj á B I Hills. Succensor to said flnii J fi 1 ■ Q H ft II Wholesale & i '.-.wlu I BÉ BV AvLv FRENCH &. AUERiUAN I El B rkiil DW 'asSi 'e 'lSSS BV ■ 9 ï W J! Rlbhed and Kough,. for IkofkVI Bhy Liphts, Out uaj KnamH VI ■! L J Jil1l eled lasa, s livor Plaled fci4jJjiJJJrV.SJ SaBh Frenoh and ÜerI r3riw3SirSvC i mnn Looking Glnai P!attis, L i I L:AyJ .J t 1 1 Lend and Oil, Colora, Puttj, 12 & 14 Congreso St. Easí, Detroit, Mich. !ïl ?I iil iiipsy


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