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Real Estate Transfers

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FOtt WEEK ENDINO SATURDAY. - OTITCLAIM. Franklin L. Parker to Henry Doll. - 40 acres in Dexter for $5. Albert Blaess to Gustave Hermaun. - Land in city of Ann Arbor for $470. Hiratn M. Lazelle to George Lazelle. Interest in land in Bridgewater to son for $2,000. Helen Hopkins to Botert C. Glenn. - 20 acres in Lyndon for $475. Eichard WilliamB and Edward Gorton to C. J. Drtrbyshire and others trustees. Land in Ypsilanti town for $1. Jerome B. Saber to O. A. and S. C Saber. Land in Pittsfield for $1. Jarres Tread well, by executor to Spencer Sweet. Land in Ann Arbor for $400. Prudence Packard to Amity B. Eenwiek. 179 acres in Salem for $576.63. Warranty. Sarah W. Mitchell to James W. Carvin. 7 1-2 acres in Salem for $1,200 Moses Marks to Edward D. Kinne. - Lot in Ann Arbor city for $227,76. Christian Schaublo to Adam Wahl.- Land in Ann Arbor city for $700. George Lazelle to Slade Lazelle. 20 acres in Bridgewater for f2,000. Hiram M. Lazelle to George Lnzelle. 20 acres in Bridewater for $1,000. Janie3 Hopkins to R. C. Glenn. 20 acres in Lyndon for $475. Richard S. Whalen to Wm. "Wood.- Land in Dexter for $100. Silas Thrasher to Thomas Birket. - Land in Dexter for $000. Chas. Eowe to Mathew J. Plynn. 40 acres in Sharon for $1,800. John W. Eheinfrank to James Burns. Land in Bridgewater for $17รณ. Mary Ann Westbrook to Martin Taylor. 4 3-4 aores in Northflela for $100. Chas. Stoolsteimer to Catherine Beek. 115 acres in Lodi for $7,000. Franklin M. Chase to Martha Chase. Land in Ann Arbor city for $900. Anna Dudley and Mary Hall to Edwin Coy. Land in Dexter for $300.