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Mha' mKi Wiscoiwin, Aug.24, '4ü. Dk.vk Uk. r'!'- . . Codduigand I, haw been in ihe Tcrr.tory threa weeks. Our fi.M moeHng waa at Sujlhpirt_a pleannt, ibrivirig v.IL.go, ofubput ihree infañbitaiua, o ih Lak? shore, 55 ril!o3 uortb of Chicago. Wa foiiwl hói Tnst ratc good löokipg nd tU vor men. and -luía of generou haarled and leai.iin woinen. We hiJ P.T je kberlj? bonvnÜon Fnir.y and Stalurday Au. 5th nd th-a rOjising conoeri Samrdoy rtigbt, and endod up wiih afour houw a„ti-8lvory meedns, tfal.ha.l. atwtnoón, jn the Con-rcgnuounl Cburch. Il Wfé fall to ovorfl.w wiih a very iowUÍBPn aud.cnce, who mn.u feawd the doepost imerest up to tbc last moment. It waa proposed n the convehlioii on Fndaj by son.conc to go dowfl to il.a pTáíw t Ono. „nd unite w.lh .hc Sanbaha and Tol..a hs .n olcciin.' delgatc8 lo ittQ Convcnüoa which i con tobc held in ihc Tcrritory, for the purpos, of friming a Stnle Cowniiuüon. Bui '? eidcrnblo discusión, ihcy .Ú coma to ihtir 'righ. .„indandcncludcd hcy ld „n-lcr-akcn -.-, croat work' and had hetter nol Hgodown, bul coniinua to bmhl; BOth.ynil united i niak.nj outihcir indeiiendeiu nomm-itioiw on tbc spo-. Whal an oncttnttW -? "'= iolkshavc oftcr kikrand mvW."- Py bu ihey cm.ld ?ct thcir lili some time or oiher of .hc?e deleet.-ililes!On SatnnUf, the f' mprchcisice dra wa b,ou"!it iip.andumicrwiMH a thoro-.igh diacu.Bion. at ihÓ" conclusión of which, the resulution which xvas rcjected by the Northwestern Conveniion. was ádoptcU alniost unniiimoiw'y. Our c"18t has bic, truc? oud irioil frienda in this place, men ■who hae tha mcana, and also, the mini cnl the hindá to worh. I was much pleased wilh South port. From ihis pface wo roda along ihc Lak e shore, north, 10 miles to the bemriful of Rucni. li i situ i:ed on a bank or bhiflT, about 50 fcci above the level of the Lake, and gives you a mnguificeiu view of ihe broud b'.uc expans of waters, on whose bosom muy evtry cUy bc Bcenthesnov w'.iiio sa.!, béiiring down to the breezc, and wafting alonj from shore to shore, the rich stores of Commerco. Racine has aboul 30D0 iohabitants, a fino harbor nud s doin-í considerable business- wil! me doy be a place of considerable pote'. But ia all moral efibrts, it i. exceedir.g'.j' elack. It is maro aristocratie, an.l has less of social equaliw, and frieudly social intercourse than Souihport. We devoted two evenings herc to nn.islavery. audoneto Tcmperance. Thcy we.e tolerably we'.l attended and that is about all I can say. - Tai ather cold. But pecple will be coid and doad, so long as they coantcnance and su pjrt a cold, artiSciül, formal, spiruless and priesthood. O that we had a faithful, practical, out.spoken ministry i Laymen muat throw ofi ccclesiasiicul and artificial trammels, and go to preachingtheplain, simple, truthful, reformng and life-giving Gospel of Jesús Christ. Antiglavery men must wiihhold their Btipport entirely from pro-slavery time-serving, demagogne íearing preachers, and go in fora Gd-given- democratie Gospel- thai Gospel which waa to be preached to the poar and netdy-úial G spel which was to be preached faUhfally, wBsther men would bear or forbear. inch a Gospel h preached at but few placee in ihit day, n this lnnJ.Fra'iruriíle, This villag-i lies 30 miles N. W. from Racinc, and 16 miles west or Southwest ñom Milwaukir, lt comains alxut 1000 inhnb itants, is pleasantly situateil on o small prairie, BUiroundfcd niostly by Üak opent ngs. U has ' or 4 chinches, a flouring, eevcnil mechante Bhopg, atores, .fcc. and a fll supply of Ruin Tav trns i The American Frceman is publiuhed hertand is now doing well. lts present proprietors havo eng3!jed lo pubUali it for 3 years to come ni any rme. There aro a good umber of Abolitionist hero, oí ihe rjght gtamp, ihorough and otlicient. We had larjje and interjstins meetings FriJ iy and Salurday eveTiings Jind Sabbath aflernoon, and a concert on iMundoy cvcriinji in the Congrei:aiion.-il Cliurch. OurSubbath anemoon meetins. wns held in the largo and ncw Rapiist Church, whicii was obtained with considerable difljculty nnd on!y on condition that Codding would preach a i-Gosft1 sermón." Aad noli a gospel scrinon he gave them, would do them and uil other Congregaliona good to hear every Sabbath. He cricd aloud and spored not, and showed tho people their vonied sins, their sectarian si ns. their politicnl, -'organic," and all torta of sins. Ho hepcd they would be patiënt with him, ns thoy had imposea great task upon him, in requinng him tu preach a '-Gospel sermón." h corred a great deal ol ground, and cmbraced many tliings- -a few ol whicii only, could ho notice in one afternoan.- They will ot saon forget that il Gospel sermón," I as3ure We had a good turn out to the Concert on Monday evening, and Tucaday Itithcanic to una cuy. A ycar or two ngo, Cudding anve a coqrsc ol lecturea hero n ihe Congregationa! church.Tho attendance was large. and the conversions quite numerous. The minister of the new, nnd the free church, thanked God for brothei Codding's nsing success, and that he had a Chimh in wliich iho cause if the slave could Ue ptead The Presbyicri;to Cburch 100, was then onened and some meeting were held tliere. J3ut alas ! how sadly have these men b:iokslidden. Miier. the Congregational minister hut his dcarbrother Codding out of his Church ihat waB so open and free 2 yeais ago, and nciually BUipro6)(ed tlie notice of our meeting after tho Trustees had given thcir consent for the use of tlio Church. The Presbyterian Church also was closJ, and evi the privilege of liaving thcir bcll rung fo-oui rneclins3. ThÍ9 same be!l liaving rcvionaly been rung to cali a mob togeiher, to tear down a bridgo. The trouhlclics here- men with long purtcs, V!iig3, I)cmor.rnt9 and i!cncigogues.. h.ive put on the tcunib-scrcws an'l tongue tied the ministers, and turned Ihcmaa Iho wind lurna ihe woatliercock. In order to please these men. these piofesed ministers have neglectcd the cause of God's poor; and raiher timn snenfice tiioir 'bread and bu:rer," have sacfificed ihcir pihriplcs, and turne! their backs upon tho cnuse of tho slave. May thr ''shadows" of uoh ministers soon be l'-ns." - Ve had glorious meetings herc jiotwiihstanding. The largest and best church in the city - the TJc'.hodist Church, wat given us on Tuosday. "SVedncsd.'iy. Thursday, Fridny, and Saturdri) cvenings. We cloed up with an excclloni meeting on Sundny ovening in ihe Baptist eluirch. Mr. Riiymond tho Baptist minister, at tended and took part in mr meetings and acted mo e th: part of a inan. The friends meet ihis, Montlnj evening, to form ii 'Liberty Associatinn," ant re laying thoinsclvcsout, as tho frieadsofthimuso cvtry whoio hould, fir pvogrefsi07t. - 'God speed tlio ritit." Krom tliia pl.uo we wont to Burlittgion, Üeinvan. nul Bolott, n (iocti liivor, thencc Sooih nto the Btnle; ) sli.ill pnas ihrough Michjgnn tl. o lïral week n Stju. tu iny w.iy to New York. Youi8 over,