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Care Of Chickens

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A constant supply of f resh, clear water, and clear, dry, well-ventilated roosting places are absolutely necessary to the health ot' poultry, and perhaps the neglect oí these two important matten destroys more fowls than all otlier causes combined. They are let't to eat snow, drink f rom fllthy puddles , or o without water, and the roosting places through neglect, become harbors for vermin, and the wonder is that few fowls die. Lime and vegetable food aro also necessary, if hens are expected to produce eggs. I think old mortar is one of the best forms in which lime can be f urnished. Cabbage leaves, raw potatoes, and clover are convenient forms of vegetable food. Bits of fresh meat and all kinds of table scraps are highly relished by hens at all times. Kerosene is fatal to insect life when applied directly upon their bodies. lts penetrating and po werf ui fumes will drive away and keep at bav the vermin that too often infeats both hens and nests. Bat if it be rubbed freely upon the hen's legs and flanks (with a view to remove the parasites from her body) and she returns to her nest while the dampness of this liquid remains upon her plumage, the vapor will be forced from her warm body in through the pores of the egg-shells, and every chick will be destroyed. For this reason we advise that kerosene be very carefully used at this time - and that sulphur only be made use of upon hen or nest, wheu she is sitting. - Poultry World.


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