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- A. G. Mclntire has purchased the steam mili at Mooreville. - Mooreville's cheese f'actory that began operations April 28, is run by the same company as last year. - A large number oí' visitors are oxpected at the Baptist convention to be holden at Mooreville, May 21. -une day last week Henry Paul of Pittsfield raised a barn 63x34, which, whon done will be one of the largest buildings of its kind in the county. -Benjamín T. Allen, of the townsuip of Dexter, was convioted Monday before Justice Beahan, on the charge of assault and battery and fined $10 and the costs. -Dr. Wallington of Lodi, the veteran veterinary eurgeon of this oounty, brought to Dr. Maclean of the Univer8ity the other day, the head of an ewe lumb peculiarly formed in that it had a iuouth resembling that of a bulldog. - Readers of the Auuus should not fail to poruse the novel advertisement of Messrs. Wines and Worden, and when in want of anything in the dry goods or carpet line, cali and inspeot a stook whioh we are iuformed is tlie largest and most complete ever purchased for the i. IIUUÖÖ. -A barn belonging toC. C. Warner of Lodi, wasstruck by lightning dUring a thunder storm, Tnesday, and burned with its valuable coutents, consisting of agricultural implements, a quantity of grain, a eovv and calf, and 23 sheep.- Loss, $1,800; partially insured in the Washtenaw Jilutual. -The following is a list of Siiperintendents of Sch ols, with post office address attached : Ann Arbor, Emil Bauer, Ann Arbor : Augusta, John Ii. Campbell, Stoney Cieek ; Bridguwater, George Calhoun, Kiver Baisin; Dt-xter, Martin Walsh, Dexter; Preedum, Thomas 8. P'ynn, Manohegter; Lima, Marcus S. Cook;Lodi. B. H. Tay lor, Ann Arbor; Lyndon, Jay D CUrk, Chlsea; Man ohenter, Óeorga P. MoMahon, Manhester. Korthfleld, E. U StiU's, Whitinor Like; Pittsflel.J, W E II S.,l,Hr, Tpiilanii ; Salom, Hinun B. Duly, 8lem; 8Uiih. Biohard II. Marsh, Saline; 8cio. Jhss. U. Calkin., ü.xt,.r; ,Sh:uon, Chas. M. FhIIows, Manchratei; Sn]„.,i,,r, Andrew J. Murray, TpsiUnti ; Nylvati, G-o A. Rober'son, Clielsea : Webster, O. V. Vaughn. Dextr; York, D,.,s A. Townseod. Saline; YpsiUnti, Eiwia C. I ner, Ypsilanti, - Over $800 worth of fruit trees were delivered at Milah this spring. -85 mechanica aro einployed in improving the buildings and streets of Ypsilanti. - If it is in order - and we so rule - it is safe to 6ay the backbone of spring ia broken. - A speciul train ono ñy last vreek bore tha reoiaina of Wilber Bush to Ypsilanti for intertnent. -Prof. C. A. Uook of Leslio, bas been engagud to take charge of Dexter's unión school tlie coming year. - Ou Thursday of last week Mrs. LTriah LeBuron was brought horue to her fnendsin Saline, quite ill. - Failure of voioe has corupelled Miss Ida Chamberlain to sever connection with the state public school in Ypsilanti. - In towu of Lima during the year 1878, there were 19 births and 7 deaths. In Webster 3 births and only 2 deaths. - E. Spokes is captain of Saline's base ball club. If any of the felloes tire out they will be properly supported by their leader. - Joe. A. (Joodyear left Manchester on Thursday of last week to take charge of a mili for his brother, at Wiohita, Kansas. -Supervisor Sage of Lodi, feil from a load of manure the other day receiving quite Bevere bruises upon hia left shculder. - John Plinn of Milán, has the contract for doing the maaon work on the new Universalist church, now building at Mooreville. - Ex-justioe Crano of Ypsilanti bas removed to Carrolton about fourteen miles south-east of tbat city and engaged in agricultura.1 pnrsuits. - Dexter's Cornet Band intend to give entertainments every Saturday evening until June lst. Proceeds will go toward paying tournaraent expenses. - Salary of Ypsilanti's officials forensuingyear: Mayor $1. Marshal $600. Clerk $300. Treasurer $200. Attorney $100. Superintendent Poor $200. Board of Heltu each $20. - Friends of Ilev. W. II. Osborne of Augusta gathered at bis residenoe the other day and before leaving left substantial proofs of regard in whieh he and his faruily are held by them. - Ypsilanti's new officials are : Marshal- Alonzo H. Smith. Clerk- Frank Joslin. ïreasurer- F. P. Bogardus. Attorney- C. E. Whitman. City Supt. of the Poor- O. G. LaRue. Health Physician - B. Butwell. - Circuit Court Commissiouer Fred. A. Hunt of Ypsilanti spent two days in Manchester last week taking testitnony in two divorce cases, vis : Antoinette Richards vs. Thomas Biehards, and Mary E. Saley vs. Christopher Saley. - Miss Sarah Owen of Ypsilanti, whose sudden death was chronicled in the last issue of the Argus, was elected viue president for Michigan by the national woman suifrage convention atS'. Louis, which adjourned on Friday last. - For theyear ending My 5, 1879, there was expended for the poor of Ypsilanti city $1,887.38. The ainount was expended upon nationalitiea tlius: Ameiicans $176.88. Englisli $107.23. Irish $353.62. Germán $19S'.98. Colored $090.67. - From the inaugural artdress of mayor Lambert A. Barnes of Ypsilanti, we obverve tlie total amount of outstinding " legal bonds" with acorned nteresl against that city to be $16,115, of which $11,115 falla due Feb. 1, 1880 This statement does not include Hillsdala R. R. bonds of $50,000 and accrued interest $23,320, making an aggregate indobtedness of $88.320. - The Sheep Shearing Festival at Franklin, on Saturday, the3d inst., was a grand success. There were several of the best eheep breeders of Michigan present, with their best stook. Charles Ftillows of Sfaaron, with his Julius and Tip, the Woods of Lodi, the Van Giesons of Bridgewater, were among the nuinber. Mr. Fellows refused $100 for Julius. - Manchester Enterprise. -Last week's Argus stated the debt of Ypsilanti was $65,000. The Ypsilanti Sentind, in its issue of this week says it is only $15,000. Yet on another page of the same paper the mayor's official report is printed, in whieh the indebtedness is placed at $88,320. Coming frora some quarters this discrepancy would appear inconsistent, but it may be overlooked by the readers of our cote tuporary. - C. H. Wilson of Milán has attaohed the cable to the pulleys connecting the steatn power frotn the saw mili to tho grist mili. The cable was splioed by Mr. Johnson of Büssfleld. The entire length of the cable is over 600 feet, is made of wire, and ia about one-half inch in diameter; the pointsof hearing of the cable are nearly 30 feet apart. The steam power is added to the water power by a belt running to pullcys atlached to the water wheels of the grist mili. -Mr. T. AIcKone of the flrm of MoKone & Heatley of this village, has tolt a sad loss. About two weeks ago, a sister of his (a youug woman) carne f'rom Jaekeon, to pay him a visit and stay a few days in Cholsea. She liad been heve about a week, when abe became ill, and died in a short spaee of time. A week or so after the death of the young lady, Mrs. MeKone became sick, and after a short but pain ful illness, she breathed lier last on last Sunday evening. The funeral took place Tuesday last, and was largely attended. Mr. MoKono has the sympaihy of the cominunity at largo.- llemlrt. - The Davis Sewinsr Machine was on oxhibition at the Postoffice, last Thursiay, and met with the same general approval it meets with everywhere. Mr. J. F. Schub, its manager for Wushtenaw Co., assisted by Mr. li. W. Henderson, ot Cleveland, Ohio, were busy all day, showing its beautit'ul work, which was simply wondeiful. Any lady wishin;. a michine shonld nt ful tu seo this model machine. It uill d,, niOn, kirn'.s ot work Ih'iu all the other faini'y uiaohinet pur together; the oouipany {imrauteeiiig that it -ill do fit'tcen kinds of work that no otlicr machine can do. All woik is done without basting. The naohine wil! be sold at the Drug Store )f J. EI. Hollis, in Mtnchester, and by J. F. Schub, Anu Arbor.- Manchester Enterprise. - Sixteen practical shoemafcors i" Saline. - Three saloons have appliod for license in Saline. - An Ypsilanti druggist ha8 a whita rat on exhibition. -flans for Tpsilanti's new Opera House have bpen received. - Mrs M. E. Gill of Saline will make n extended visit in Chicuco.


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