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The National Woman's Suffrage Association met at 8t. Louis Wedneaday morning. The American Tract Society held ite annual meeting Wednesday. The available resources during 1878 were $410,000; expenditures for the aame time $407,000. Gray, who attempted to snoot Edwin Booth recently, pleaded guilty in the Criminal Court at Chicago Wednesday morning of assault with inteut to kill, and was lemanded for sentnce until Booth shall have made hiB statement in Court, and inquiry is madeinto the mental condition of the prisoner. The total vote of San Francisco is 37,934. Majority against the new constitution, 1,2 8. Returns from the interior confirm previous adrices and the instrument in adopted by a majority of from 6,000 to 10,000. The res uit has caused mnch bitterness of feeling among business eirclen, where itis looked upon to a considerable extent as an attack upon city intercsts by the interior. An unusually large aBsemblage was in attendauce upon the National Colored Convention at Nashville Thursday. Most of the day was pent in the presentatton of resolution for relerence to the respective cominittees. A reaolution was adopted accepting the tender by B. F. Butler to dónate 20,000 acres, and by Zach. Chandler of homes for 100 families. In the Brooklyn Fresbytery on Thursday, a final vote was taken on tne charges against Dr. Talmage. The secretary announceü that 45 votes had been cast, 25 of which were against the charges and specificatione, 16 in favor of BUBtaininx them as they stood, and 4 for austaining them in part. The late Wm. B. Howea Beverly, of Boston, amone other bequestu, has left $150,000 to the Boston Athenaeum, to be expended for library purposes. The National Woman's Suffrage Convention t St. Louis adjourned Friday. The platform was adopted af ter f considerable discusión. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was elected president, Susan B. Anthony, vice president at large, and a large number of vice Dresidents werechosen. The ouly mine now in f uil operation in the Brazil block coal district, in Indiana, is the Heller &, McClel and mine at Harmouy. three miles eaet of Brazil. Threats were made that the men employed would be compelled to abandon work Friday morning, but the strikerti turned thcir attention to the bituminoun mines at Newburg, three miles west of Brazil, wliere the miners were compelled to leave their work. Serioua trouble ia apprehended. The house of Mr. Délos W. Southworth, at Angoïa. N. Y.. burned Friday morning. The doctor perished in the flamee; his wife is probably fatally burned. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania haa justdecided the second Ruit growing out óf the suspension of George H. Btuart by the General Synod of the lteformeil Presbyterian Church, for hynin singing and comnmniug with other evangelioal chnrchcB. The decisión sustaina Mr. Staart and his frienc's. ïhe decisión also continúes llev. Dr. Sterrett urul the Second Keformed Presbyterian congregation in undisputed possession of their property, which has been in litigation lor the past 10 years. In consequence of the recent decisión of the United States Supreme Court awarding to the Denver and Rio Grande Railway Company the prior right of locations over the several routes named in its charter, a powerful syndicate has been raised in New York to complete as soon as possible, the principal lines in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico included in the system covered by that decisión. It is announced that $3,000,000 of $5,000.000 propoaed for this year's operations have already been suoscribed and will be expended in finishing up the line to Leadville and ';Ten Mile," and in building forthwith to Santa Fe and the San Juan. jilear Admiral E. G. Parrot, United States Navy, died Saturday evening. Mark Gray, Booth's would-be-asaassin, has been declared insane, and will be Bent to the Elgin asylum. Saturday morning a tramp demanded the money in the possesRion of Frank Carter, sta tion master at Bogata, on the New Jersey Midland Itailroad, and, being refused, fatally shot him. Saturday afternoon a fire broke out on the corner of Union and Fifty-second streets, Chicago, in Palmer & Fuller's lnrober yards and dry house which burned fiercely until 8 o'clock, and, although then under control, it will probably bnrn the greater part of the night. The dry house was completely destroyed, together with six million feet of shingles and four million feet of lumber. Total loss about $100,000. ' Saturday night Charles Reed, of Sidney, Neb., who was in jail there for having ranrdered Henry l;oomÍB the preceding day, was taken out by about four hundred citizens and hanged to a telegrraph pole in the main street ef the towu. The mob then dispèrsed, firing revolvers in the air and shouting, "Loomis is avenged." A Chicago dispatch on Monday say s : Mueh interest is manifeflted in a wheat deal which to-day gave evideiice of much strength, prices advancing V,i cents, and reaching a higher point than for many months, 99;l( cents for June option. The outward movement of grain is heavy just now, the weather hot, dry and unfavorable for crops in most part in the north, and it is stated that a large portion of the visible supply is centered in a very few hands. Developments are anxiously awaited by dealers. Extensive forest fires are causing great de struction of timber around Scranton, Pa The village of Tobyharraa. 20 miles from here, was entirely surronnded by frre on Monday afternoon. The citizens turned out and fought the ñames, finally getting them uuder control. Unless rain comes soon the destruction of property will be immense. While a party of bíx men who had been hunting in lilinois, and who crossed the river in a Bkiff, were attempting to land near St. Louis Monday evening, in a high wind, their boat upset and four of the bíx, John Hiemenz and Herman Martins, and two othern. musea unknown, were drowned. A dispatch from Vandalia, 111., says that two children of Frank Carroll, a farmer near there, were burned to death while playing in a crib filled with corn husks. The committee on commerce met Tuesday morning, and the three bridge and tunnel bilis introduced by Messrs. Büsb and Newberry were referred to a sub-committee consisting of Messrs. Bliss, of New York; Clardy, of St. Louis, and Townsend, of Cleveland The matter will not be taken np this sesfiion. At a cabinet meeting Tuesday the subject of doublé standard was discussed at considerable length, in eonnection with the more recently expressed views of European nations on the subject, and it was understood that Secretary Evarts would reopen eorrespondence with foreign governments looking to fresh negotiations for the adoption of a dual standard.


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