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-■l- ------ LEADING DETROIT BUSINESS HOUSES. Stearns' Drug Store 81 WO OD WAND AVENUE, DETROIT. We keep n stock the largest variety of Medical Merchandize gathered under one roof in America. ■WVIüitorg are cordially invlted to visit our Store hen in Detroit. PHYSICIANS, sriMiüONS, STIJDENTS, and DEALERS are invited to examine our large and complete assortment of and all kindred goods before makmg their selections elsewhere, as we will make it to their advantaae to obtaia their supplies of us. FREDERICK STEARNS. HÜLL BROTHERS THE FAMILY GROCERS. Opera House Block, corner M on roe Ave. DETROIT, MICH., OFFER (STANDARD A COFFEE 8UGAR, 8 cents per tb. TjUNEST ROAST JAVA COPFEE, 30 cents iwrlb. ■pINEST JAPAN TEA, 55 cents ner ib. plNEST 31b OANS TOMATOKS, 10 cent per ean. VABMOUTH COR.N, 10 cents per can. piNE APPLE, 12V6 cents per can. TjUNEST FKENCH MIXED OANDY, - iVyi cents per lb. "PRENCH BON B0N8, -115 cents per ft. (-IHOCOLATE CREAM DROPS, Ky 15 cents per R. 7 =Jti OAT MEAL GRIT8 for ' lu 23 cents. i tK CRACKED WHEAT for U 1U 26 cents. Q BARS BABBITT'S SOAP for '' 80 cents. A BARS PKOCTER & GAMBLE'S SOAP for 28 cents. TfINEST RAKING POWDER, 1 35 cents per lb. Q fK CHOICE DRIED PEACHES for xu 25 cents. Q tK FEENCH PRITNES for iu 25 cents. T ARD IN (JROCKS, ■Li 7 cents per Tb. eUGAR CURED 1IAMS, li cents per lb. CUGAR CURED 8HOULDER8, 6 cents per lb. HTAYLOR'S COCO A , x 19 cents per package. ÜUGAK CUKED DRLED BEEF, J 11 cent i-r lb. JÍS" We roast our own Coïfee. We mako all our Candies. We warrant all our goods. We Wesp Canned Goods a]l kinds. We keep Fancy (ioods all kinds. We nre the lurgest Retail House in Michiffan. Price Lists sent on appMcation. No charge for packing or cartage. At HITTXjX, BEOTHEES, THE FAMIlï GROCEBS, Opera Ilouse Block, cor. Monroe ave., Detroit.


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