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, - undee wants a fuumlryuuui. - Scurlot fever in Ridgewtty und Te01111181 b. - JudgoPratt of tboUilIsdale circuit, is very il!. - Jackson on-es flSïöOO; Ktlttmazoo $30,000; Püirtuic $25,00L -Doctor Fisher of Xucumsefi ia dead. Diseased lmigs and dropsy. -The Spirilualists ot' BaUle Creek are going to böJld n now chuich. - Bovines have Dad theèr day in Adrian. No runniug at largo after July 1. - A Cold water uian stopjuia runaway Lorse and charged the owner fifty cents. - Silsby, the etoiim fire etigine maker, tbreatens to siuj tlie city of Pontiao for 11,000. - D. Woodward of Clinton has nlanted 3,000 trees on his farm just north of the village. - Rev. W. H. Utley of Pontiao, aftor trial, has boen exonerated from charges preferred. - Scarlet fe ver is prevalent in Hudson, and som e of the schools are closed in consequonce. - Daniel Waring, 82, a wealthy farmer and early settler, died at Tecumseh, Sunday evening. - Adriamtes will bc offered an opportunity to gaza at the London ciroua and menagerie, June 2. - It is estimated that $100,000 will 'be paid out for wool, by Clinton buyers, within the next six weeks. - The University baee ball club has cballengfd tho Tecumseh club to play a game on the Ann Arbor erounds. - Detroit has appointed a committec to raise a bonus of $100,000, to secure tho extensión of the Wabash to that city. - Walking on the Street, Mrs. John Gilubrist of Tecumseh was seized with apopiexy, feil, and died not long after. - Jacob Darling of Battle Creek, died the other day froru the effects of chloroform administered whilo undergoing a surgical operation. - Only a half dozen assemblcd at East Milan to hear Eev. Mr. of Ann Arbor talk on the benefits of life insurance - and he didn't talk. - At Morenci trampa sleep in the cemetery, but, unlike most poople who 'sleep in the cemetery, they get up when they wish and go away. -Eev. F. S. Freeman of Ionia, waR robbed on the night of the l"th of his gold watcb, $140 in rnoncy, and valuable papers reprësenting $10,000. - The Jonesville Independent says the measles are running wild in that village taking adults as well as cbildren, but are mild in every case thus far. - Henderson, alleged po3toffice thief and pretended special agent, has been held to bail in $1,200 for trial. Adrián was the place of his operations. - Early Monday morning a fire in Berry Bros,' varnish factory in Detroit burned four men and one boy badly, one of whom is Dot expeeted to recover, - John E. Taylor has commenced suit against the city of Monroe for $5,000 damago8, in consequence of injuries received by his wife on an icy sidewalk. - Five traraps tried to kuifeandshoot Mike Bailey of Battle Creek Monday night, but he knooked one down and scared off the others. All were arrested. - All is quiet at Fliiit. The Catholic pupils are re-instated, and religious privileges- which should not have been taken from them - guaranteed in the future. - Chas. Fisher of Hillsdaie, who tried to commit rape on a little girl seven yeais oíd, has gone to Ionia for one year. John Tooman, who so brutally pounded his wife last November and escaped, has been arrested and lodged in the jail.


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