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More About The Wheat Crop Of Washtenaw County

More About The Wheat Crop Of Washtenaw County image
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Ypsilanïi, JVlich., May n._We havo been visited for the past week with cousiderable rain, which has materially improved the growirjg wheat erop. More is needed, but what we have had has tnado the erop look much better than heretofore. The spring, so far, has been unusual! y dry and cold. Wheat, in some places, haa a considerable heighf-. j uiers in this vicinity expect an average yield. Dextek, Miy 17.- The rains during the early portion of this week have iinproved the growlh of the wheat erop so far as straw is concerned, and no doubt will add somewhatto theyield of grain. The quantity of water fall was abundant for wheat and all other cropa are looking fine. The fruit prospecta were never better. AJKN arbor, May 17 - The condition of the wheat erop in the vicinity of Ann Arbor sinco the rains is very promising, and the farmers feel much encouraged'. ín some Iocalitie8 wheat and oats aré souiewhat backward, but the prospecta seem to be favorable for more than an average yield. Three miles northeast of I hore, in the vicinity of Dixboro, they I have had very little rain, and the continued dronth is telling severely upon the growing erops. In the southern line of townships in this county the rainfall was tho heaviest, although there has I been considerable rain west and north of here. During the week Treadwell & Osborn have purchased 6,000 busheis of wheat at $lal,01. In the last two days another firm have taken 9,000 bushels at the same figures.


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