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- Strawberries aro in market at 20 cents per quart. - Seniors in High School will sit for class piotures on Saturday. - Eounty Clerk Clark has removed iis family frorn Saline to this city. - Services wero held in two of the German ehurcbes yesterday - Ascensión day. -Memorial Day will be observed as usual under tho auspices of the Ladies' Decoration Society. - Stone are beiug tlrawn for a new walk in front of the M. E. church - a tnuch needed itnprovement. --The column supporters for the new front in the drug store on corner of Main and Hurón streets, werecastin Ypsilauti. - The city band have secured nearly enough ly 6ubscription to purchase instrumenta. Kxpect them to arrive next week. - Proprietors of City Mills have been laying side-tracks and turn-tables, and tnaking other improvements at an expense of about $2,000. - The semi-monttily social of the Congregatioual church society held in the church purlors on Tuesday evening, was the best attended of any for inonths. - Hr. J. G. Schultz has been promoted frotn the position of station agent in this city to the station ageney at Battle Creek. He is succeeded here by II. W. Hayes. - Minerva Owen has begun suit for divorco against Orin G. O wen, lata proprietor of barber shop, bath rooms and cïgar stc re and who left the city so suddenly a few weeks ago. - About twenty couples young people repaired to the river above the dam on Monday evening and brought iuto use all the skiffs round about, making the evening air resonant witb. songs until midnight. - On Thursday of last week Carroll Eemick, salesman in the store of Dean & Co., feil twenty-one feet into a cellar excavated in the rear for an addition, strikingon his back, ithout auy injury whatever to his person. - Two tramps entered the barber shop of Samuel Morse on East Huron Street, on Sunday night. Before they had seoured any plunder, a workman halloed for " pólice" and away the would-be thieves sped. - Allen Shears of Detroit, while at work putting a tin roof upon one of the University buildings lost his hold aud f"ll to the ground a distance of about 35 feet, breaking one of his legs. After having his leg temporarily dressed ho was removed to his home. - It may interest the friends in Ann Arbor of Mrs. H. O. Grant nee Miss Linnie Wooster who was raarried on Wednesdayof last week at her raothers residenoe in Norwalk, O., to learn that the affair was recherche in all respects, many of the presenta being very costly. Mr. Gillie S. Pitkin of this city cousiu of the bride attended. - By authority of county clerk Clark supervisors and town clerks of the several towns of this county are requested to forward prouiptly the new jury lists so that he cari draw tho list for June term from the newly furnished names. Wednesday was the last day the law allows for getting such list raady for forwarding to the county clerk. - There was a large attendance of relatives and friends to pay thuir f arewell respects at the funeral services of Wyland Theobold Seyler, on Sunday. He was bom at Hew Hamburg, Ont.,March I 12, 1852. The remains of his sister, Mrs. Beek, who died a few weeks ago, and placed in the cemetary vault, were with those of Mr. S. deposited on tëuuday, Eev. Mr. Belzer officiating. - Articles of association of the Peninsular Society for literary and scientific purposes, was filed in the office of County Clerk on Tuesday. The incorporators named are Thos. M. Cooley, Hcnry S. Frieze, Moses C. Tyler, 3. G. Puttengill, H. P. Myrick, W. J. Herdman, W. H. Butts, Fnuik F. Read, Frank D. Mead, of Ann Arbor, K. C. White of Lapeer, and Eichard B. Bancroft of Port Huron. First meeting will be held during the nionth of June and annually thercafter. - One by one the University thieves and stulen goods receivers are gatheied in througb the vigilance of Shariff Case and his deputy, Warren, who seem determined to bring the tribe, however large, to justice. In the early part of last week Sheriff Case visited Hancock, a village in Houghton County, in the northern portion of the southern peniueula, in search of James Bedell the last student arrested up to date. Bedell was known to have three watcbes, one of which he bad sold, and the other two were found on hi& person. Sheriff Case recovered theone sold, and requusting a loan of the others 6ecured theru and Bedell too, whom be brought to the city on Friday. The watches were quickly identifiedby their owner, Tallberg. Bedell claims he got the juwelry from Delf. He was arraigned before Justice Granger on Satr.rday and held to bail in f 500 for appearance at term of court commencing June 17. A friend froui Hancock, having sons attendiug the High School, becaine surety and Bedell returned home. - The following books have been added to the Ladies' Library : Malcolm, Sir Gibbie, and Paul Faber, Surgeon, all by Geo. Macdonald ; History of American Literature, by Prof. Moses Coit Tyler ; Which shall it be 't by Mrs. Alexander ; Sig. Monaldini's Niece ; Wreek of the Grosvenor ; History of Art, by Dr. Lubke ; Our Village, by Mary Eussell Mitford ; Graziella, from the Frenoh of A. DeLamartine ; The Secret of the Andes, by F. Hassaurek ; Life of Win. Cullen Bryant, by David J. Ilill ; The New Republic, by W. H. Mallock ; The Life of J. M. W. Turner, by Hamerton . Pretty Little Countess Zina, by Henry Greville; Good Luck, by Ernest Werner; Captain Nelson, by Samuel Adams Drake ; Philomine's Marriage, by Henry Greville ; Joan the Maid, by Mrs. Charles ; Bedouin Tribes of Euphrates, by Lady Ann Blunt ; At a High Price, by E. Werner; Macleod of Dare, by Wm. Black ; Scotch and Irish Seeds in American Soil, by Rev. J. Craighead, D. D.; Maid of Stralsund, by J. B. De Liefde ; Records of a Girlhood, by Francés Ann Kemble ; Quaker Cousins, by Agn es Macdonnell. - Second nnniversary of the Juvenile Temperance Union will be held Juno 15, at the Opera House. - Annual confcrenco of Detroit II. E. church will be held in tuis city, Sept. 10 Bishop Boreman, prosiding. - An excursión witli brass band accompanying, f rom Montgomery, Hillsdale Co., viaited the city yesterday. - Tl:e next regular meeting of the Cuinmon Council will be held in the room in the court house set apart by the Board of Supervisors. - Two origines on the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad having broken down by use, one luis been obtained f rom theDayton and Michigan road, and was put on the road Wednesday. - A base ball match between the University and ïecumseh Nines will take place tkis al'ternoon on the Fair Grounds beginning at 2:30 P. M. Admiesion 2ó cents. Ladies free. - The health of Elisha Masten, a resident of Bowery Street, is so precarious the result of an apoplectic stroke received somo time ago, that little or no hopes of recovery are entortained. - Messrs. S wathei, Ailes & Kyer purchased on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week G.000 bushels of wheat atl per bushel. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week 7,000 bushels at same figure. - The entertainment of Prof. W. H. Meek, at the Unitarian Church last Friday evening, was a success. Ilis rendition of the Charity Dinner, Speech on Woman's llifhts, and tho burlesque of Taima in the soliloquy of Hamlet, in costume, were all superbly done. The Prof. bas the abüity and material to gi?e an amusing and intoresting entertainment. - Monday ovening next at the M. E. church, Frank Beard will give one of his huraorous, artistic entertainments and lectures, entitled, " Mission of the Humorous" and " Chalk Talk.' Mr. 'Beard possesses the unusual happy faculty of sketehing a cartoon with each hand, at the same time. Admission to Sunday School children of all churches ten et?. Adults 25 cents. - W. D. Siuith of Detroit, at whose instance Walter ÍS. Hicks of this city was arrested on a chargo of procuring a signatura as surety to a note under false pretenses, has addressed a letter to Mr. Hicks expressing his regret that anj' action was taken and stating in his conviction that nothing dishonorable was intended. The case had previously been aropped by the prosecuting attorney, tho note having been paid.


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