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- Behind-tlio-times Ypsilanti hasn't an archery club. - loo creara social at Ypsilanti M. E. church, this evcning. - 1,000 bushels of wheat were forwardod from Saline, on Friday. - Our lejjislators may be expected to ieturn home to stay the last of this month. - " Ham" Palmer of Manchester township has gone to California in search of dame fortune. - Dr. Rogers of Dcxter lms purchased his father'8 farm looated between this city and Dexter. - Frank Allon of Bridgewater, is building a fine frame residence on hia farm just east of town. - Local amateurs threaten Ypsilauti with " Pinaforo," unless some foreign troupe comes along soon. - Flans for Ypsilanti'a new opera house are in tiio hands of three Detroit architeets for dovelopraent. - Frederick Joscnhans of York has purchased a farm of 160 acres near Salina, Kansas, and become a resident. - Ypsilanti cows have been awed into such a state of peaceable subjeetion that lawn fenoes aro no longer a prime neccssity. - Henry Vieeland has moved his family from Milan to Mooreville, where hc is emploped as clerk in the store of Henry Ford. -The W. C. T. U. of Ypsilanti adopted resolutions of oondolenco over the late death of one of their number - Miss Sarah Owen. - Messrs. Woods and Knapp of Chelsea have irleutified someof the goods recently stolen from their hardware store, and found by a Detroit official. - Rev. J. U. Higgins of Detroit will lecture at the Whitmore Lake church on temperance on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings June 3d and 4th. - Clyde Bortle of Saline a little boy about 4 years old, while playing with an icecream freezfir, acoidentally caught one of his fingers in the machino and cut it off. - Beven more mechanica left Ypsilanti Tuesday night to join Capt. Newell at the Eosebud agency in Dakota. This makes 15 men in all that have already gone from this city with him. - George YanKiper, who for about two years has operated the woolen tuills at Delhi, and resided in Dexter Village, has been employed by a company in St. Mary's, Ohio, aa Superintendent of a large mili. - Christian Gensley, formerly a resident of Lodi, writes to his friends that he is so well pleased with his new location in Collegeville, Ark., that he nor his family entertain any desire to return to Washtenaw county. - A practical miller with a smalt capital can find a good opportunity to form a co-partnership with an old established miller owning one of the best water powers in the state. Inquire at this office for furtlier partioulara. - Samuel Post, United States pension agent at Detroit, contemplates building hira a fine residence on Forest avenue, opposite tho Norman School in Ypsilanti, whioh when completed, will compare favorably with any iu the city. - Delegates from Manchester to annual state convention of Women's Christian Temperance Union to be held in Detroit May 27, 28, 29 : Mrs. Hoy, Mc Ilvvain, Coweu, Robison, Crafts and C. Kingsley ; the two foruier as voting dolagates. - Several persons who have no great respect for law and order undertook to upset the shop of Wm. Dunning of Milan but failed on account of the shop striking the building adjoining. The shop was left with one side several feet above level. The reason - hinted by thoso who seeiu to know - for this outrage of law and erder is Mr. Dunning's allogcd assistance in the late liquor prosecutions. - A company has been formed, and machinery purchased, for manufaoturing brick and tile at Milán. The firra consists of' Messrs. O. Hanson, J. Hanson and C. Wüiiams. The machinery used will be of the best kind, and will be driven by steam. lts capacity is 15,000 brick per day. Tho yard will be on the premises adjoining tho Leonard dry house, and whieh the biick andtilecoinpany have purchased of' Harmon Allen. - During the thunder storm, on Tuesday evening, the lightning struck the house of Mr. George Moorman, just soutli of this city. This lightning ran down the gable, tearing the shingles on its way ; then it ran along the eavestrough to the conducto], down the conductor to the eistern, which it tore to pieoes, stunning tor a short time several young men near by. The damage done was slight, but the escape was a narrow one. - Ypsilanti Commercial - Khortly befora noon Tuesday, as Mrs. Gates, a nurso wonian in the employ of C. II. Whitman of Ypsilanti, was coming down Kiver street and when nearing the depot, the horse which she was driving became frightened at a passing train and ran a way, upsetting the carriage and throwing Mrs. G. to the ground, inj uring her quite severely. Shu had her jaw broken and face badly disfigured. She was accompanied by a little girl named Cassie McCauley and a small child of Mr. Whitman's. The girl escaped injury, but the little boy was hurt some about the face, but not seriously. The rig belouged to a livery stable, aud the carriage was badly demoralized.


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