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River Raisin, May 17. -Mr. D. W. C. Walter ha just built 75 roda of wiro fenoe on his farm. - Tho cemetory at the Center bas been Jately improved by now funces, &o. - Hiss Mary Wheelock of this town 9 giving good satisfaetion as teacher of Bridgewater Center school, composed of 50 scholars. -In 1350, April I, voters of Bridgowater were reoorded aa to their views on the liquor question thus : For Hcense 67 ; agaiust 1 1 . - Mr. Harrison Johnson called our attention to several flceces of American Merino wool takeu off last weck, of long fibre and clear from grease and gflm. -Town Clerk D. W. Palmer has lately used up a book of checks with stubs remaining, printed by Cole & Gardiner, in 1849, then proprietors of the Arüus. - On Priday last Henry Palmer and hired man feüed and sa wed up a treo strickun by lightning on May 7, 1878, that smelled so strongly of brimstone that it was with considerable difficulty the job was corapleted. - Arthur Polhemus of Ann Arbor, years ago a resident of this town was hfire the other day making preparations for the burial of his son who died last winter, beside his parents, wife and daughter, in tho Center burying ground . - The first official record entered by JVlr. ü. W. Palmer, thirty-two years past town clerk, is tbat as school inspector of town of Bridgewater in the year 1839, March 13, Messrs. Jacops, Hovey n.l U. L. Ounklin benig his colleagues Henry A. Katner was town clerk. - A geneologioal record of the Palmer family from 1625 to 1880 is in oourse of preparation by Noyea F. Palmer of Jamaica, Queens Co., N. Y. Mr. D. W Palmer is called upon to furnish what he can of the history of the family and is preparing such data for his old-time student. - The Southern Washtenaw Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Coir.pany, o: which Mr. David W. Palmer bas been Secretary since its inception, in 1871 have nearly $500,000 in capital stock and sinco May, 1873, the entire loss has notexceeded $175. Four towns, Bridgewater, Freedoml Sharon and Manchester, aro only in the company. Yearly exponses do uot exceed $50. - Bridgewater (originally called Hixson) waa organized April 1, 1833, by the election at the residenco of David S Brooks, the following town officers : Su pervisor, George Howe. Town clerk Eobert H. Heggie. Assessors, Orainel D. Skinner, James Stephona, William B Peir. Com. Highways, Levi B. Pratt Jacob Oilbert, Shove Minor. Constable and Collector, Hirvey Gilbert. Com Common Schools, Eli R. Snyles, John Lockerby. Director of tho Poor, Thos. Gilbert. - Among tho extensivo wool producers of the state is tho Van Goison, Bros of this town, Last season from 145 sheep they took 1,700 lbs., for which they roceived 20 cents. This week they will complete shearing and the average is cquivl if not exceeding that of 1R78. - The erop is a beauty, and to a wool fancier would bo a gratifying sight to behold. Samples have been f'orvvarded to Boston dealers. These thrifty young men own 192 acres ranking with the best of land in town. - Among the relies in possession of tho family of Mr. D. W. Palmer, and which would add greatly totho interest, if presented or loanod to the Pioneer Society, are the powder horn used by the grandfather of Mrs. Palmer, Peleg Eandall, iu the revolutionary war, who enlisted from Connecticut; a wedding vest bölonging to her grandf-ither on the other side, Jedediah Morgan of Groton, Conn.; a fowling piece with makers name inscribed, "Andrew Eubley, 1799;" a coat, red, with blue facings worn by Mr. P's father who was flfer and drummer at Sackets Harbor N. Y. in war of 1812 ; an epaulette worn by Mis. D's father at same place. -From Supervisor Daniel LeBaron we learn there are 15,209 acres of improved land in Bridgewater ; 6,(ri0 unimproved; acres of vvheat raisadin 1878, 4,070 ; bushels 95,581 ; wheat now on the ground 3,970 acres ; corn raised in 1S78, 1,728 acres; bushels 122,130; oats, acres, 979; bushels 39,493 ; barloy, acres, 177 ; bushels 4,090; potatoes, 93 acres; bushels 0,660 ; clover seed cut in 1878, 438 aeres ; bushels 348 ; No. of cows, 1879, 595; other cattle 529; horses, 626; sheep sheared in 1878, 9,434 ; lbs. wool 08,409; sheep in 1S79, 9,685; hogs in 1879, 1,083 ; aores hay out in 1878, 2,316; tons, 3,270; apples, acres in orchard, 527 ; hushels sold 9,335 ; peaches sold 185; producers 188. - Overseers of Highways of Bridgewater, District 1, Adam Eiedel, Jr.- 2, Adam Eiedel, Sen. 3, Christian Schwab. 4, Henry G. Calhoun. 5, Martin B. De wey. 6,Wm.Ktner. 7, George Calhoun. 8, Maransa S. Every. 9, John Sautter. 10, Paul Reyer. 11, Charles Gadd. 12, James Benham, Jr. 13, John Day. 14, John Brooks. 15, Bradley Way. 10, James Kehoe. 17, Slade Lazull. 18, Munson E. King. 19, John F. Bensier. 20, Buel Johnson. 21, Peter Bower. 22, Jacob Blum. 23, James Mark. 21, Josph Lowery. 25, Dennis Van Duyn. 26, Henry Bross. 27, Justus Watson. 28, Charles Diekerson. 29, James Taylor. 30, Fred Gouse. 31, George Paul. 32, LiMar Brown - i.i, Henry E. Palmer. 34, Win. Hankee. 35, Matthias Eeisor.


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