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Capt. Eads has nade application for the additional payment ol $500,000, claiming that he has obtained a'channel at the mouth of the Hississippi 24 f eet deep and 200 feet wide. A special dispatch from Paducah, Ky., aya that Uto yam ago a man namcd Dan - Kdmunds, who lived in Livingston cotinty, Ky., ran off to Arkaneas with a neighbor's daughter, leaving a wife and family behind. A ühort time ago he started back to his former hume with the wonaan and a child, and, when neur the Misxissippi Iiiver, killed and buried both. On returning he took up with his lawíul wife. The bodies of the woman and child were found and identified, and searcli was institutcd fur Edmunds. Tuesday an officer froni K:;iihas arrived at the home of the murderer, arrested and took him back to tho wccue of his crime. Tho Auxiliary Sanitary AsRoi-mtion have abated the miisance of Loenst Clütve Cemetery, at Hew Orleana, by oovering it ap with two 1eet of arthüown with k;'ï tnd graw. All intermriitn are now made in the uew cemetery thrce and a half mik fio.n the city. The damping grounds have betn covereil with a coatmg of lime a foot deep. Gen. Kennan Garrard, a well-known citizen of Cincinnati, died at the Grand Hotel Thnraday afternoon. The Preebytenan General Assembly met in. itb ai.nM ftepuen at tSaratcga, N. Y., ThurKday Kev. i. L. Patton, of i hicago. moderator of the lat asticmbly, preached the opening sermon from John, lst cbapter, verse 14: "The word was made flesh and dwelt with ub." It an atle presentation of the doctrine of the incarnation of tho öon of God, and in opposition to the views of the Unitariana. The New York assembly has passed a bilí making 6 per cent, a legal rate of interest in New York State. Henry J. Crops, city treasarer of Salem, Mass., buiig himself Friday. Senator Davis, of West Virginia, who is chairman of the Senate appropriations committe, is of the opinión that Congress will adiourn by the let of June, with all the appropriation bilis passed. Win. O. Jones, ex-jndge of the ciminal conrt of St. Louis, has brougbt an action against 10 of the 12 raembers of the late grand jury for alleged nntrue and malicioas comments upon Lis conduct while judge of that court, and claims $20,000 damages. lu rcKuunse to a letter addresaed by tary fcthurz inquiring what amount of funda can be made available monthly for the payment of arreara due upon pensions allowed prior to January 25, 1879, the Becretary of the Treasury states that, including the amount already paid, 2,500,0C0 will be available prior tojulyl, and $2,000,000 monthly thereaf ter. At this rate nearly the whole of the next fiscal year will be required to complete the payment of these arrea. Judge Asa Packer, of Philadelphia, died Saturday in the 73d year of hig age. His funeral took place at Mauch Chunk on Tuesdy The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company's subscriptiou closed at New York Saturday at noon. There were over $10,000,000 of bonds substcribed for 90 cents. Oaly $5,000,000 were asked, and the subscrif tions will be scaled dowu to that amount. Gen. Palmer, president of the road, states that this sum will bs used to complete at once the lines f rum Cannon City to Leadville and "Ten Mile," 15ü miles, from Alamosa westward to the Snn Juan mini's, 210 miles, and from Alamosa southward to Albuquerque in New Mexico, 205 miles. The President has nominated Wm. .J. Walbraith, Iowa, associate justice of the Snpreme Court of Montana; John F. Morman, Illinois, chief justice of the Supreme Court of Idaho; Norman Buck, Idaho, associate justice of the time court, A fire at Galesburg, 111., Monday merning destroyed Welsie & Hawkins's livery stable with works, Mores's barn and Billing?s carpenter shop adjoining were also burned. Canse unknown, but believed to be incendiary. Loss $45,000. Judge Graham haB eentenccd Ed. Stcwart, the Iudianapolis postoffice robber, to two years in the penitentiary, on his plea of guilty. The stolen registered letters coutained $3,000 in money and $1,900 in negotiable notes. Lieut. C. M. Carrow, Seventh United Btatea Oavalry, blew his brains out in his room in the Planters' House St. Louis, abont 5 o'clook Monday af ternuon, with a navy revolver. No cause is assigned for the act. The war among trunk linea has extended to passenger rates, and first-class passenger tickets, limited from Chicago to New York, were reduced from $17 to $15. lt is said that Secretary McCrary will retire from the cabinet about the first of September next, and accept the United States judgeship for the eight circuit, ir. place of JudgeDillon, who has desired to resign. Secretary Sherman has written a ! to Ohio, deciïnina to have his name used for the governorship at the coming convention. The Missouri Legislatura adjourned sine die Tues day. A body found in the North Kiver at New York Tuesday, has been identified as that of Col. Groesbeck. The sales of cotton for future, in New York Monday and Tuesday, reached the enormous total of 250,000 bales, at an advance of 34 c to lc per pound, which, in the cotton trade, is a very large rise. There has not been o excited a scène on the Cotton Exchange for a long while. Wm. Nclson, colored, of Terre Haute, Ind., has been Bentenced to the penitentiary fur one year and a fine of oue thousand dollars for marryinga wbite woman. The prosecution originated in spite, but he was convicted under an old law of 1856, which Judgo Long held to be valid through a decisión of the supreme court.


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