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The Boliviana have retaken Atacoma. It is announced from Jaiuy, a town of the Argentine Republic, near the Bolivian frontier, tbat 15.01:0 Boliviano are marching to attack the Uhilians. Mr. Hoffmau, the American charge d"affairs at 8t. Peterabnrg, informa the Department of State tbat every one coming mto Russia must be provided with a passport verified by the Russian consul. He mnst be rogiatered at the pólice station, and muat comply with the regulationa or be subject to fine or imprisonment. 8t. Petersburg, Moscow, Odessa, Kieff, Khartoff and Talka are especially aubiect to strict pólice. All the principal ministers of the imperial government are accompanied by mounted Cossacks when they appear In public. Hotels and boarding-housea are under pólice surveillance. The town of Halas, Hungary, has been inundated in consequence of continuous rains. Much damage was done. Floods have destroyed 300 houses in Kottori, Hnngarv. The harvest prospecta in that district are ruined. The disease which has broken out in the Caucasus proves fatal in 24 hours. In Derby, which contains 150 housea, 70 persons died. In Medivricheni, with 200 houses, thcre are 200 persons dead. The niortaility elsewhere is on the same acale. The Em press Augusta of Germany arrived at Windsor Castle Wednesday on a visit to Queen Victoria. An international congiess to discusa the project for a ahip canal across the Isthmus of Panama met in Paris Thursday. Ferdinand De Lesseps waa elected president and Rear Admiral Daniel Ammen, of the United States Navy. one of of the vice president. All the powera applied to sent delégate, including England, Italy and Russia. The secretary read a paper on the subject before the congreaa, af ter which it waa resolved to divide the meinbers into three eommittees to discusa tbe undertaking, and the meeting ad journed. Gen. Garibaldi haa decided to reside permanently in Rome. Vesuvius haa been In a state of agitation for lome daya, but the eruptian so far is slight. In the Darien Canal Congress Nathan Appleton, of Boston, was elected president of the cotnmittee on the economie and commercial aspects of the project. The cholera in PeBhawur is threatening to raise obstacles to the prompt withdrawal oE the troops from Afghanistan. The disease has appeared in most of the cities of the Punjanb A dispatch from St. Petersburg on Monday reported that a great connagration was raging in Petropanlovsk, Biberia. öeveral quarters of the town were in flamea. Complete returns of the popular rote in Switzerland give 191,197 in favor of and 177,263 against the re-establishment of capital punishment. v The River Theias has inundated 90 square milea of grain fields near Besca, and dentroyed two villages. The River Drave has overflowed it banks and dentroyed hundreds of houaes.


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