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May 14.- The Senate spent the day in committee of the whole and afreed to a large number of bilis. The House concurrod in the Senate amendments to the bill relating to street openings, etc, and the bilí to divide Grosso Point into two election district. House bill amending section 7433, Compiler! Laws. relative to feea in chancery, and House bill amending section 10, chapter 12, Compiled Laws, relative to road work, were killed. House bill to vacate the town of Sherman, Wexford county, was taken from its order and passet. May 15. - In the Senate the foilowing bilis were passed: For keeping accounts and de, posits of public money in Wayne County; for construction of Petoskey and Gaylord State road; for Alpena and Long Lake State road; for Alpena and Duncan State road; for Bear Lake and Sherman State road; amending the charter of Manistec; for drainage of Gun Marsh, Allegan county; amending section 7490, compiled laws, relative to costs in criminal cases; to authorize injunctiona by Circuit Judges of adjoining circuits; amending sectiona 8 and 5, chapter 206. compiled laws relative to chancery proceeóings against corporations ; repcaling section 2 of act of 1873, relating to Auditors of Wayne County ; amending section 5954, Compiled Laws, relative to proofs of demanda in saits; amending aection 7569, Compiled Laws, rel ative to offenses against propcrty; providing feea for Circuit Court Comraissioner in certain cases; authorizing a State road in Maaon county; for brancu of the Duncan City & Alpena State Road ; to complete the Tawaa & Manistee State Koad; for 'he collection of taxes in Detroit, and repealing acts 238, laws of 1863, and 88, laws of 1865; amending section 4946, Compiled Laws, relative to Circuit Courts; for uniformity of text books. All of these except the last one have already passed the House. The House passed the foilowing, of which the firït live have passed the Senate: Fixing the salarien of certain ofneera in Wayne county ; to amend the river and harbor act; to amend the act for the iacorporation of aBsociations for yachting rowing, etc; making appropriations for the Stat University; to prohibit the spearing of fiah in Goguac lake: malcing appropriations for the Eaateru Aeylum for the lnBane; to more effectually protect the inmates of insane aaylums; to make au appropriation cf swamp lauds for a certain ditch in lïay County; for the drainage of certain lands in Yankee Hprings, Barry Co. The House concurred in the Senate amendments to aeveral bilis, among them the bill relating to docket entries by Juaticea of the Peace, and the Plank Koad bill; House manuscript bill for an exchange of duties by the Judges of the llecorder's and Superior Courta, of Detroit, waa reported from the judiciary Committee, the rules auapended and the bill I passed. May 16.- The Senate passpd the foilowing, of which the first f our have passed the House : Making approuriationi for the Kastern Insune Asylum ; to drain certain lands in Brush, Shiawassee county ; for a separate school for the blind; to amend the charter at Grand Rapidn; to amend the Detroit charter; to attach certain territory to the city of Cold water; for purchase of the portrait of Douglass Houghton. The Senate receded f rom its amendment to the kerosene oil bill. The House paRfled the following none of which has passed the Seuate: Making appropriations for the Ionia priaon ; to define and enlarge the duties of the State Board of Edncation for construct Urn of a road across Lynn Marsh, 8t. CJaircounty; to aid the construction and repair of roads in Berrien county ; amending the charter of Ypsilanti. In committee of the whole the House agreed to soveral bilis, among theni the bill makinji appropriations for the Kalamazoo asylum. Both Housen adjourned at noon till Monday evening. May 20. - The Senate passed the following, of which all but the first threc have passed the House: To amend the act for the reorganization of the military f orcen; to amend the act creating the soldiers' fund; for the incorporation of State detective associations : to amend chapter 23, Compiled Laws, relative to highways; for refunding moneys expended by certain counties for the support of inaane soldiers; for the incorporation of Baptist churchefl; to change the name of Maratón lo Martin Jones; for transferring unexpended balances of appropriations ; to amend the act relative to insant; persons in the House of Correction ; to amend the act for the regulation of asylums for the insane. The Houso apent most of the day in committee of the whole, and afterwards passed the following: House bill 343 to authorize the managers of the State House of Correction to transfer a portion of the appropriation made for buildings for the purchase of real fstate; House bill 592, to amend tlie act to regúlate and govern the State House of Correction; House bill 439, to amend the charter of Jackson ; House bilis 596 and 607, to amend the charter of Kast Saginaw; Senate bill 173, to amend the charter of Lansing; House bill 559, to amend the act establishing the Detroit House of Correction ; House bill 646, to amend the school law Senate joint resolution 12, for a constitutional amendment permitting the Governor to veto part of an appropriation bill, without vetoing the whole; all af ter the enacting clause was stricken out of Senate bill 209, for the appointment of an assistant prosecuting attorney. At an evening session the Senate passed the following : To prevent the destruction and exportation of deer; amending sention 1970, Oompiled Laws, relative to disorderly persons vacating the township of Boerman; declaring oSces vacant when au inmimhcn - ,.„„ioècJ uf iiemg drunk; amending the charter of Muskegon ; amending the act creating the Superior Conrt of Grand Rapids; amending the act to secure persons fnrnishing labor or material for building; providing for rebuildtng the Normal School building in case of fire ; amending the law relative to tenure of church property; amending section 50S5, Compiled Laws, relative to Cifcuit Courts. Joint resolutions, authorizing the Board of State Auditors to pay certain büunties; asking Congress to equalize bounties; amending the constitution relative to iuntices of the peace.


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