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An Escaped Jaguar

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Last night, after the London Circus train had left Washington, Pa., and had traversed about thirty miles, a full-sized Brazilian jaguar, a beast more ravenous and ferocious than a tiger, escaped from his cage and bound ed toto the woods. The train had stopped to permit another train to pass, and a tramp, who had secreted himself on the car, opened the cage, allowingthe animal its liberty, About twenty of his fellow-tramps had been previously ejected from the train, and it is supposed he eominitted the act for spite. One of the circus hands saw him open the cage, but supposed he was one of the regular hands. When the animal escaped, the tramp jumped from the train, and although pursued by twenty . men, made good his escape. The jaguar was a powerful animal, and cost $1,500 two years ago. He was about five feet long, and natuially one of the most ferocious beasts in themenagerie. Early this morning the mangled remains of a man were found near the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, flfteen miles east of this place. It has not been ascertained yet whether this is the first victim of the jaguar or not, The people here are much excited, ana have been warned to take all precautions against an attack. Tlie proprieujrs offer $500 for the capture or tne beast alive er proof of his death. They disclaim any responsibility for loss of life or damage to farmers's stock which may ensue, as the escape was something which thev could not provide against. -Philadelphia Times, May 8. As K, D. Hawley, of Hartford, has the best collection of old flddles in the United States, AVilhemj has been his guest for a season.


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