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Early Shearing

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Mr. George Campbell contributes to the Maasaelmsetts Ploughman his views on early shearing. He says: I have' had over 25 years' experience in shearing sneep early, formerly coirnencing about the flrst of May, but have become fully satisfied that April is the best month in the year to shear in Vermont. No doubt but that most people will dift'er with me on this point; will think it cruel: that the poor animáis will suffer, robbed oí their fleeces this cold weather. But I would not advise ssi!nus1o"maÍe'!l!eneaíiM1a1saifett? i'ortable ; nor would I shear sheep in low flesh, or those that were sickly, for they need their fleeces to keep them warm. Every thrifty wool-grower has or should have sheds or stables that he can close up in cold niglits, that would be warm enough for sheared sheep in any ordinary April weather. If, after shearing, there should be a "cold snap," like the flrst few days of this month, he can crowd thein a little closer by putting in more sheep ; or some loose boards can be thrown across the tops of the feeding racks, say three feet from the ground or Hoor, and covered a f oot thick with old litter or stiaw. By shearing about the lOth of April the fleece will start rapidly, and by the time grass is grown enough to turn out, the sheep will stand all ordinary storms, and will gain in flesh much taster than if burdened with a heavy fleeee. _


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