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Lime In Maple Sugar

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I wish to say a word about your article on the adulterationof niaple sugar in The Homestead, and I woukl writo sometlüng on sugariuaking, if it was not rather out of season. I have no doubt but there is a good deal of sugar adulterated, yet there is a substanee - I cali it lime - in maple sugar made here and I guess everyvvhere, and 1 presume that instead of Grand lïapids piaster, it was this linie that is obtained from pure maple sap, (I mean by pure, as it comes from the trees,) that your f riend found in her syrup. This lime can be nearly all taken out, but it requires some work, and as there are so few that are willing to pay for a good article of sugar more than for a poor one, 't hardly pays to spend time and also deerease the weight from live to ten per cent when the sugar looks just as well with the lime in it. This substance does not separate or farm until the sap is boiled down to has to boil the sap to the usual thickness for straining and then put it on and boil again until the lime separates and then let it stand and cool and the lime will settle so that the syrup eau be poured off and leave it nearly all m the pan. I have seen as much as ten pounds, if not more, taken from one hundred pounds of sugar, but the fust run of sap is nearly free from this substance, while during the latter part of sugar making it contains much more. I have taken and washed some of it until there was no sweetness in it and then dried it and it would be hard to teil it from dry lime either by looks or i taste. Kow I presume that if you took some of the sugar I send you and makeït mto syrup yo. would find a little in it; you w;ll detact it by its being a little rough like fine sand. I would like to make flrst-class sugar, but it will hardly pay at ten cents per pound and that is all one can get, if he sends it to the general market, so long as people can get what is called sugar no matter if half sand, for that price. Gaylord, Mich., May 19.


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